Monday edition - July 10, 2006


Bush Spy Actions Anger GOP Leader
Hartford Courant, United States - 7-10-06
WASHINGTON -- A high-ranking Republican lashed out at President Bush Sunday, suggesting that the White House might have broken the law by failing to inform ...


US standoffs with Iran, N.Korea continue
Miami Herald, FL  - 7-10-06
WASHINGTON - President Bush has softened the US stance against Iran and North Korea, trying to bargain with regimes he once lumped with Iraq in an "axis of evil ...

W.Bank's Wolfowitz urges US to break trade deadlock
ABC News - 7-10-06
 World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz on Monday urged the United States to break the deadlock in world trade talks by ...


The Bush foreign and domestic programs sure do stink.



The latest woman-to-man bedroom insult: "You performed like a North Korean missile." -- Grant Gerver




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



The latest talk-dirty-to-me line: "I'll be the Sea of Japan if you'll be my Taepodong missile."  -- Grant Gerver



 "The war in Iraq is shameful. Whether you're pro or con Bush, you've got to admit it: The guy lied. And he continues to do so. I can't understand why he's just not run out on a rail. To send somebody's kids off and have them killed for no good reason he's going to have his day in hell for that. I wouldn't want that karma. When you kill somebody's little sister with a missile, he's going to hate you forever. And the next generation will hate you even more." -- Rocker Tom Petty in an Esquire magazine interview



Larry King Interview With The Bushes


Larry asked Bush, "So there is no doubt, if you had it to do over again, knowing the WMDs weren't there, you'd still go in?"

And Bush said, "Yes, This is-we removed a tyrant, who was a weapon-he was an enemy of the United States who harbored terrorists and who had the capacity, at the very minimum, to make weapons of mass destruction. And he was a true threat. Yes, I would have done the same thing."


Laura Spent 4th of July Watching the Shuttle Take Off



But what I spent the day doing actually was watching our shuttle take off from Florida...But we knew by the time the party started that the [North Korean] rockets had pretty much failed know, weren't that destructive.


Disturbing News



Has it ever occurred to you that if we just quit criticizing the War, we'd be winning it? Me, either.  -- Grant Gerver



Adam Carolla hangs up on Ann Coulter



Looking At The World Through Rove Colored Glasses


"I'm a hothead. I admit it. So when I see some of these things, such as the leader of the Senate Democrats who comes out and says the president is a liar, when we know that's absolutely not true, I get a little hot under the collar," Rove said as several attendees hissed and snickered in disagreement.

Throughout the discussion -- attended by an eclectic mix of big thinkers including Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer, Gen. Colin Powell and Washington Post vice president Benjamin Bradlee -- a portion of the audience booed, hissed and laughed in mockery at Rove while another portion of the crowd lent Rove unswerving support.






Republican Shenanigans



Like Father, Like Brother


Immediately after Gov. Jeb Bush took office in 1999, he announced a code of ethics that he said would raise the state Capitol to a higher standard.

It included a wide range of requirements of his employees. No gifts worth more than $25 could be accepted and employees had to take a course on ethics, among other things.

The expectations, though, haven't always been met, and perhaps the worst breach of the standards he set came this week when former corrections Secretary James Crosby was charged with taking kickbacks from a company that sells snacks to prison visitors.

Crosby however isn't the first of Bush's appointments to face questions on ethics, but rather the latest addition to a list of agency heads who haven't made the best choices



"I appreciate [Florida Governor] Jeb [Bush] -- talk about swamping somebody, he knows the definition of 'swamp' when it comes to political campaigns." -- George W. Bush, Tampa, Florida, Jun. 3, 2003











Ungodly violence continues in Iraq. They're last-throeing themselves into hell.   -- Grant Gerver


The end of cowboy diplomacy


Rock-The-Voter News



Mexico and Florida have more in common than heat

There is evidence that left-leaning voters have been scrubbed from key electoral lists in Latin America

Greg Palast
Saturday July 8, 2006
The Guardian

There's something rotten in Mexico. And it smells like Florida. The ruling party, the Washington-friendly National Action Party (Pan), proclaimed yesterday their victory in the presidential race, albeit tortilla thin, was Mexico's first "clean" election. But that requires we close our eyes to some very dodgy doings in the vote count that are far too reminiscent of the games played in Florida in 2000 by the Bush family. And indeed, evidence suggests that Team Bush had a hand in what may be another presidential election heist.




America, From Freedom to Fascism


A very interesting trailer (14 min+) for a new movie



Biz-Tech News



How Dick Cheney Spent His Summer Vacation


Dick Cheney has been spending a lot of time in the huge Central Asian republic, so much so that its windswept steppes have become his new Secret Undisclosed Location. Mostly the Acting President hangs out in Kazakhstan's landlocked hinterlands wooing a reviled dictator, the only ruler the nation has known since being evicted by the USSR in 1991. Thanks in part to more than $50 million a year in U.S. taxpayer money and ever-soaring bundles of military aid, Cheney hopes to secure "total energy dominance" via lucrative oil pipeline deals on behalf of GOP-connected energy companies.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Working feverishly to raise money for the midterms, the RNC is marketing "The Dick Cheney Hunter's Face Shield." It's guaranteed to repel buckshot at 10 yards or less. -- Grant Gerver



Go-F*ck-Yourself News

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Odd News




Mobius Strip II -- 1963 woodcut in red, black and grey-green, printed from 3 blocks
 by M.C. Escher.