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All Hat No Cattle laughs at people pretending to be something they're not. Toons and funny one liners to lessen the hard right blows.

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am honored to be servicing your political humor needs.

Cold, hard cash is always welcome to maintain my lavish lifestyle.



If you prefer, you can make online donations below through PayPal or you can send a donation to my mailing address listed below.



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NOTICE: Amazon has discontinued it's payboxes as of December 11, 2008

I received this email from Amazon on December 8


Dear Amazon Honor System member:

Beginning December 11, 2008, the Amazon Honor System will be discontinued. This means that PayBoxes on member websites and PayPages on will no longer function.

Amazon Honor System members should make plans now to remove Honor System PayBoxes from their websites. This can be done by simply removing the HTML code originally provided for PayBoxes from your page code document.

We will provide access to disbursement information through December 30, 2008, to allow all transactions to be settled. After that date, Amazon Honor System account pages will be removed from the website.


And blah, blah, blah.


How odd that Amazon would remove this valuable service with only 3 days notice. Oh well, PayPal must be happy.




Thank you all who contributed now and in the past. I wish I could hug each one of you! But this message isn't for you, although you may find it interesting.

Running this site solo does have it's challenges and it's drawbacks but I feel I offer an unique experience here at AHNC. I produce a daily edition that contains news links from all over the world on everything from war to odd news. You can come here and at a glance read the top headlines from news sources around the world, instead of US cable TV blather. Lacing the bleak news under Bush with humor was essential for my sanity. And now that President Obama is at the helm, we still have that all giving bunch of comedians, the Republicans. I love the one-liners from all the TV and Net comedians. I try to offer a different type of cartoon style here through my own creations and those of other out-of-the-mainstream phototoonists (Art Historians: Should political phototoons be classified as a new art form? I humbly say yes.) I surf the net daily and pick out what I think is the best in a very short time frame. In other words I work my very consistent butt off and love every moment of it. :)

One big drawback is the inability to answer every email or letter. I open most emails but can't possibly answer each one, there just aren't enough hours in the day. If you need an answer please keep writing me and put in the email subject line THIS IS IMPORTANT LISA or something similar.

Another drawback that you all have noticed are my technical skills or lack thereof.

AHNC is about reporting the news, being a mouthpiece for my viewers and sprinkling enough humor to make it all palatable. As I've said many times before, I am just like most of you -- I am a middle class American closer to retirement age than thirtysomething -- damn. The only difference being is I have a political humor website.

Back to donations, the biggest drawback of them all. I am a Democrat at heart. I'd prefer that all my viewers donate a dollar a month because it is an amount most of my viewers could easily afford. And those that can't afford the buck a month can still view this site for free.

Imagine -- I average about 5-10,000 regular viewers a day. I have the potential to earn 10 grand a month. I'm not doing this to get rich, although I'd take that 10 grand in a New York minute. I just want to earn a livable wage.

I am here for you and have been since November 2000.

NOTE: Donations are NOT tax deductible.





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