Tuesday edition - June 27, 2006


Tree Falls on White House Grounds
ABC News - 6-26-06
Heavy storms caused flooding and downed trees and power lines in the Washington, DC area, Monday, June 26, 2006, including this large oak tree that fell at ...


Japan, US to deploy interceptor missiles
Houston Chronicle - 6-27-06
TOKYO - Japan and the United States will deploy advanced Patriot interceptor missiles on American bases here for the first time, officials said Monday, just ...

Terrorists in Miami, Oh My!
The Baltimore Chronicle- 6-26-06
The recent aggressive FBI reaction to seven young black men stands in marked contrast to the US government’s see-no-evil approach to notorious right-wing Cuban terrorists who have lived openly in Miami for decades.


Debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia fell near Bush's Crawford Ranch in 2002. And now the White House Elm crashes to earth at it's front door. Signs from God? We report, you decide.



George W. Bush is living proof that really low IQ guys DO have chance. -- Grant Gerver






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Saddam Hussein has ended his hunger strike after just one missed meal. I think he finally realized, a hunger strike only works if people don't want you to die. -- Jay Leno




Disturbing News



State of the Clinton Union


As for anyone who thinks the Clintons are leading separate lives these days, "The employees at the Mount Kisco and Pleasantville theaters would be surprised to hear that," the ex-President's spokesman E-mailed, "given that Sen. Clinton and President Clinton see a movie there together almost every weekend."



Republican Shenanigans



Rush's Limb Is Bowed


Rush Limbaugh was detained by customs agents after they noticed a non-narcotic prescription drug, Viagra, which had been prescribed by Mr. Limbaugh's treating physician but labeled as being issued to the physician rather than Mr. Limbaugh for privacy purposes. After a brief interview, Mr. Limbaugh was permitted to continue on his journey.



Rush's Viagra Vacation Spot


Dominican Republic -- A slow tourist season has hurt the T-shirt and coconut milk vendors in this scenic beach town, but it hasn't put a dent in the body business.

Evidence of the sex trade is everywhere as men in shorts and sandals duck into rent-by-the-hour "love motels" with Dominican women in bright dresses.


Rock-The-Voter News




Veteran's Stolen Records Update


A federal judge temporarily has barred the government from publicizing its free credit monitoring offer to veterans whose personal data was stolen and wants to see if they might get a better federal offer.

Lawyers who have filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the 26.5 million veterans and active-duty troops affected contend that accepting the government's offer could jeopardize their chance of winning more money in the privacy suit.





I think it's finally hit home: we have FASCISTS trying to work within a DEMOCRATIC framework. We're doomed. -- Grant Gerver




Biz-Tech News


Yet Another Creepy Conservative


Political consultant and ad producer Carey Lee Cramer is expected to testify today defending himself against charges he sexually molested two young girls...Cramer, who gained national notoriety with an anti-Al Gore commercial in 2000, is facing several counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.


Hurricanes are less of a threat to Florida than unprincipled and unrestrained developers.-- Zing!





Sherlock Holmes They're Not


Anti-terrorist police have been ordered to revamp security procedures after a bag containing details of bomb plots and suspects identified for surveillance was lost in the street.

The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, has imposed strict new rules on the carrying of sensitive material after files were accidentally lost in a rucksack in south-east London.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Bernie Ward smacks down right wing talk show host: He storms off the set!






"It was so hot today, Dick Cheney was sweating bullets." --Jay Leno


Go-F*ck-Yourself News





One of Andy Warhol's silver wigs sold at an auction this week for $10,800. I think it will be an improvement for Donald Trump. -- Jay Leno



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Odd News

A 'football' game is held under water in Ocean World Park of Donghu Lake in Wuhan, central China, on Tuesday June 20, 2006. Two teams are respectively composed of marine creatures and two divers, and the referee is a 'mermaid' dressed up by a diver, said China's Xinhua news agency, which distributed this photo. (Photo/Xinhua, Wang Zhenwu)