Name That Toon


I circumcised the Senate to get my man his judgeship.

Hey Chuck!...Pull my finger!

Bill Murray in 'Stripes', introducing himself to his platoon-mates,came
to the 'backwoods-lookin'guy', and said something like 'And Lee Harvey
here, I know you're wild. I gotta party with you sometime, big guy'.

Hehehe, watch this Charlie falls for this everytime. Pull my finger.

With his help we can stop that pesky Bill of Rights!

I give you another Reich Wing racist, homophobic, woman hating,
anti-civil rights fascist for the Bench.

I'm with stupid

We'll sneak him in the back door!!!

Cross burning is patriotic.

And I'm putting him in charge of MLK Day celebrations

He did it Mommy

Pull MY finger, Chucky Lucky

If this man isn't a strong supporter of civil rights...Then I shouldn't
be president !!

If this man is not an expert on civil liberties, then I'm a horse's ass

Him, he told me about the WMD's in Iraq.

There will be no more "Redneck" jokes
about me. This man will stop it....

Why won't he play "Pull my finger," Unka Dick?

"Are you sure this man isn't God?"

See, Charlie's a great guy - he'll help keep the darkies in line and
his smirk's almost as good as mine!

Forget checks and balances. Check out my newest appointment.

Chas and I burned a cross on Condi's lawn once. ha ha ha... But don't
tell her about it, ok?

Daddy said to pick this one.


I dont care how many cross burners he turned loose...We need the Bubba
vote on the Federal Bench!!

"Remember just because I appointed you while the Congress was out, it
was not affirmative action"

M-I-Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter....

Whatzizname is gonna make a great whatever. Quick, pull my thingy!
-Swami Damnam Bandanaman

He Showed Me That This Is The Best Finger For Pickering Myself

This guy is just as good as me.

If you liked Strom, you'll love this guy!

God told me, "He's your best bet for getting Blacks off the voter
registration roles."

do you recognize this man without a sheet over his head?

This man is at least as qualified as a judge as I am to be pResident!

That MLK thingy yesterday? That was just for show, this is the real
thingy right here, he likes crosses.

If I can't play around during recess, when can I?

Not qualified? Why Chuckie here has an A+ rating from the Cato
Institute and the Ghengis Khan Civil Rights Association!

I knew I had the right man when Charles referred to the Bill of Rights
as "stiff toilet paper".

Me and Chuck here, are going to re-write history.

LOOK! me pick winner.

he are judge

"With my pal Chuckie here on the bench the days of the tyranny of the
trial lawyers over poor, helpless, God-fearing, multi-national
corporations are numbered!" Eric M

If they all look like Rummey it's a lot easier for me.

Charles is going to bring honor, dignity and clean white sheets to the
judicial system.

Chuck and I go way back, since our days under the white sheets.
Woo-wee, didn't we have some good times then!

This fella here makes the best burning crosses I know, and keeps his
sheets clean.

Y'all know Chuckie boy here really loves to hunt coons.

This is my beloved appointee, in whom I am well pleased.

Now, Charlie, you're just a one-timer, cause they're kicking BOTH our
asses out of here next November!

Thanks for all your fabulous entries! -Lisa