Name That Toon

He tests even me.

Come along now, My little Manchurian Candidate...

"I'd slip about this much in his formula, and he'd go right to sleep!"

This happens every time someone tells him a new joke ......

Son, why don't you remember VietNam?

I told you, the nine Democratic contenders are a sorry bunch, and as
evidenced by the fellow on my left shoulder, I know sorry when I see it.

He's not confused; his face always looks like that

Good news! George was switched at birth with Wesley Clark so we did
have a smart kid after all!

He can't help it - his brain is only this big

Liked you better when doing OxyContin with your buddy Rush!

"Only in America, can a little Mental Midget
grow up and become President"

Pay no mind to those little people. They're NOKD (Not Our Kind, Dear).
You just keep doing what we taught you was right. -t.j.

Watch this, Georgie! I'll make my right hand look like Rush Limbaugh! -t.j.

Just ignore him, and he might go away.

I've got you now my pretty!!!!

"I never had to tell your father what to do about Iraq!" Eric M

And we thought he would always turn out to be a miserable failure...

Why, there's no sacrifice too great for power.

DON`T you dare say another DAMN thing about little George. He`s doing best that he can !

this is NOT a caption for the barbara toon - i just happen to think it's pretty funny the way it is - hot air

No, Georgie was only dropped twice. And, only one of those times was on his head.

Yes he's a dopey thug, but why would I bother my beautiful mind with that?

...and I just want to thank everybody who helped bring our little idiot
back to our village.

He's the dumb one and look where we got him!

It's my Georgie's god-given birthright to send your son to die if he sees fit. Stop your whining. He's a Bush, you ignorant peasants. It's different for us, you know.--j. f. leon

I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog too!

My boy is NOT dumb. Why, all those years in remedial classes HAD to have done SOME good.....

Another success. The people will never figure it out.

The "W" stands for Whistle Ass

"Shouldn't you be in a First Amendment zone?"

Yes, he does look like Forrest Gump..But he's not as smart and can't run as fast either, but we still love him....

"Didja ever hear of the Texas Post Turtle?"

"Just watch while Georgie gives Iraq his famous Firecracker In The Frog treatment!"

"Oh my yes, he's very much looking forward to debating those clowns!"

i had to teach little georgie the proper way to cut out a line of coke

well, all the men in the bush family have always had small d*ckies

Why should I waste my beautiful mind on someone like that?

When I move this little lever in his back his face moves and I can throw my voice to make him speak. Isn't he a cute little thing.

Stop pickin' on ma boy or A'll put a hex on you.

Dumb is cute! And damn it, my boy is CUTE!

Oh, Georgie gets that intelligent look from his father.

Look, there's Senator Clinton. Bitch. And Senators Feinstein and Boxer. I can't decide which of them is a bigger bitch. And Nancy Pelosi, that loud-mouthed bitch. And Helen Thomas, that old bitch.

Speaking of sorry lots.....

The serum is beginning to take effect!

No, No, of course he's not drunk...he's just thinking real hard.

A pinch here and a poke there and Dubya would wail when he was an infant.

I'd pinch little Georgie just hard enough to make him cry and then he'd give me my gin bottle back.

...and she says it's still this small!

George the mark of beast is showing I told you to let your hair grow!

Junior has the cutest little "999" birthmark on his behind!

Makes me sorry I ever had a bush.

George and I share a special bond. He inherited MY beautiful mind!

One more reason for birth control is standing behind me.

I've never told junior this, but Pat Robertson is his real father...

I am so proud, Junior has my beautiful mind and his father's sense of entitlement.

Sure he's a fag. But he's still my son...or daughter...or whatever.

And we thought he would always turn out to be a miserable failure...

Why, there's no sacrifice too great for power.

DON`T you dare say another DAMN thing about little George. Hes doing best that he can !

It's okay son, you got even for Daddy



He's Not A Crook

It's true. I was sexually assaulted by Alfred E. Newman.

Son you are making this country what it once was -- an Artic region
covered with ice.

You're old enough to wipe your own nose!

stop smoking the doobies dubya

Okay, so I made a mistake

Remember to tell them that God told you!

Is this a beautiful mind or what?

George, TRY to keep that vacuous look off your face!

Now you mean media boys, quit picking on Georgie.


Isn't he sooo cute when he's angry and confused

Don't pick on our little boy. He's a result of inbreeding. After all
inbreeding is how you get thoroughbred horses.

Did you put on clean underwear, dear?

I meant to say "why should I let it trouble my bountiful behind?"

Mo' money, Mo' power. Who'd a thought this idiot boy could pull off the
biggest scam of all time.

The rich never fight in a war honey, we just start the damn things to
make more money.

Junior, somebody said there was a leaker
in the White House. Not you?

I don't worry about leaks anymore. These depend undergarments, with
the extra absorbent layer, work wonders.

Oh, this reminds me of when your dad ran for re-election.

So far, they are a pretty sorry group if you want to know my
opinion...but you could always fire them and get new advisors.

See, Georgie. I always knew you'd be dictator someday. You've made
your granny proud!!!

If only George Sr. had not planted the demon seed, I would not have to
put up with this idiot.

George, next time there's a plane landing on a carrier, I'll be wearing
the flight suit.

My little georgie is sooo bright, I call him son.

Get it? Ha, ha.

Wook, Georgie, it's a wittle piggie, a wittle piggie!

we're really proud he just read his first book

George Washington rises from the dead to advise W to get the troops out
of Iraq

It musta happened when I dropped him on his head when he was just a
baby ... lil tyke musta bounced this high .... he just sorta went
yadyadayada .... shook his head and crawled away ....


Time and time again I tell him 'smaller pretzels little Georgie' and
chew them up you freakin idiot!


Whenhe was just nine years old we would play the 'roll a sticky booger'
game. Remember Georgie?


Shut your mouth! My Georgie just took some cold medicine. Now watch
your step Georgie.

I taught Junior how to blow up frogs - his daddy taught him how to blow
up 'Raqis.

Yes, Georgie looks a little like a chimp, er a chump, I mean champ in
the war with Iraq.

And George W. is the SMART one in the family...

Cast your pearls before swine? Heavens no! The swine should WEAR the


My name rhymes with "bunt"

Oh yes, let me tell you about that time we caught little Georgie and
his friend Juama Bin Laden playing oil men. Oh that Saudi Royal family is just to die for!!

Son, are you sure you know what you're doing?

And our favorite game with Georgie was "Drop the baby on its head"!

Poppy and I always wondered why out of 100,000 sperm he's the one that
made it

I gave birth to the Antichrist! This is our secret symbol!

Oh, yes. Georgie wet his bed until he was 43.

No he's fine, G.W. is just waiting for O'Doul time!