Name That Toon


"I've put up with Junior for over 40 years. Now it's your turn." Eric

Jeb, Dubya and Neal, "My Three
Fornicators", comming soon to a network near you........

Hey, I needed that Tanzanian gold mine far more than those 50 men who ended up dying inside when it was sealed and seized for my possession.  Ya know, a Bush can never have enough riches! We're never satisfied.

That turkey "W" brought back from Baghdad wasn't near as tasty as it looked .

When he drank and did that funny white powder this is how Junior

This way I can lie out of both sides of my mouth!

Read my lips, Dick Cheney is my love child.

Rubber lips is my son and I'm proud of him. We are enriched by his

READ MY LIPS! Slippery Road Ahead!

Read my lips: No more war...just kidding!

The Martians haved landed


He's his daddy's boy, but he has Barbara's eyes.

If you can read my lips, you're as twisted as I am.

It wasn't the drugs son, you were dropped on your head as an infant.

I did not have a "parental relation" with that chimp!

Look sonny boy,I'm all for those illegals obtaining citizenship and
rakin' our lawns,but those gayboys gettin' hitched is not gonna' happen.

My shun, thha Prezidentt, will hav yoor ash!

Remember kids, this will happen to your lips if you tell lies.

i wonder where Dub got that irritating smirk from!

You too can learn to talk out of both sides of your mouth ...just like
I taught Junior!

Ya better listen to little Georgie, or I`ll screw this country so much
a DEMOCRAT will never be able to clean it up !

Hey Georgie, there are still trees standing.

He was NOT cloned, but I think he was genetically modified:
crossed with a Thanksgiving turkey...

JR, you've got to share. Now, give the oval office to your brother...

If my son is the messiah that must make me........

Blindly follow your leader or I will kick a "thousand points of light"
up your ass.

Hey! I told you Jr. wasn't too bright. It's your own fault.

I watch O'rielly so much, I even look like him.

I left home without my teeth again.

"I'm the one who taught Junior that 'pull my finger' gag." Eric M

"Junior may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least he
makes my presidency look goood!" Eric M

Son, you let another one like that at the dinner table and you're out
of here.


Hell Barb, you know I hate them broccoli spears in my Bloody Marys!

Think I was an empty suit? Check out chimp boy W.

I know that dumb sum bitch didn't come from my loins!

Just cause they're crooked doesn't mean you shouldn't read 'em...

don't you think I look like Billy Idol,when I do this?

I knew I shoulda taught you a little bit about nuance and diplomacy.

Fifty years with Barbara and you'd look like this too.

WMD's in Iraq? Didn't find any! Happens all the time!

Goddamnit Georgie, you have gloriously f---ed up things again and this
time me and my rich friends can't help ya.

He's takes after Barbara's side of the family, not mine.

Can't read my lips? Read my finger!!!

"You can tell Joe kennedy to kiss my ass ... THIS is a freaking

I shoulda bitchslapped Saddam in 1992 but noooo, Rummy and Wolfie said
they had a much better idea!
Well thank you very much ... Gelisgesti

Dubya want's to talk like me, walk like me, yeah he may be the next
best thing, I'm Bush shady, the real Bush shady.......

There is no truth to the rumor that I had my plastic surgery at
Halliburton Surgical Associates.

There was a crooked man, who had a crooked pooch, He beget a twisted
son, who became an awful mooch.