Name That Toon




"Naked Gun 4: If You Knew Sushi" features Dubya as the all-too-natural replacement for Leslie Neilsen as Inspector Frank Drebbin. The plot revolves around the Japanese assertion that sushi is smarter and more honest than the US president. Priscilla Presley revises her role as Mrs. Drebbin, and Pickles has a cameo where she kills 3 boyfriends in 10 seconds.

….I ain’t nothn’ but a lap dog….

While shooting some food, up came abubblin crudeAin't that right unka Jeb

this is my harakiri spot

From Ron:
"It seems honorably appropriate to play an air guitar when in the company of an air-head president."
"And Koizumi said he was only going to air guitar the Minute Waltz. Where's the ladies room? I've been had!"
"Hey, no notes, heh,heh. I've decided here's some music even The Deciderer can understand, yeah!"

"And then Cheney says "I was holding it just like this and all of a sudden...BLAM!!".

Can you play red state blues?

"See it is true, George. When Ann Coulter turns sideways
you can't see her".

Caption for Laura
Hurry up Butt Brains. I'm over 50 and I have to pee.

Laura: "If he doesn't stop this and soon, I'm going to pee all over my blue suede shoes, and his"

From Donna:
Bush: 'He's upstaging me, Laura.'
Laura: 'Quiet, George, you're no longer the Decider...'

From Becky:
"I've embarrassed an entire nation with my Elvis impression and I'm still ten times the leader that you are!"

From Ellie:
"no, no the bong was THIS big and ol George smoked the whole bag!" *Priscilla and LM* "no way, really!" *George* "Hehehe" *Pickles with bubble caption* "yeah yeah wtfever I've seen him snort half the state of Tenn. now hurry up I've got to pee!"

From KevKev:
Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, George Bush and wife, Laura, Look on as Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi does his impersonation of Mr. Bush during Hurricane Katrina.

I had Bin-Laden in my sights, but my gun jammed

Flight to Graceland: $400,000
Security : $2,000,000
Performing Air-Guitar in front of an air-head: Priceless.

From Anthony:
"If I act goofy long enough, maybe George won't notice I withdrew our troops from Iraq!"
"Ahhhhh...We build far superior air-guitars in Japan!"
This is How We Punish Leaders Who Withdraw Their Troops From Iraq
Have George saying,
"I've always enjoyed Elvis Costello..."
Have Priscilla saying,
"Are you single, by any chance?"
"Left a good job in Nag-a Sakiiiiii..."
"Shut up Laura, I know he can't sing! He may want to open a Toyota plant on this site, and we don't want to discourage him!"

From Jat:
Is this how you played it during Katrina, Bushie?

From Roger:
The air head would like to play the air guitar next.
You see - America can still make air guitars!
The president would like to play the air guitar when you are finished.


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