Banners to Greet Bush


We have a Queen.  Go home, boy king.

Bush the Ripper


Demote Bush to a Shrub

Honesty is Overrated.  Bush/Cheney '04!  Eric M

Screw the Middle Class!  Bush/Cheney '04 


No more shady deals.
Trim the Bush.

God gave Noah a detailed plan.  What did he give you, Bush?

Warfare not Welfare:  Bush/Cheney in '04!  Eric M



Dr. Dubya and Mr. Bush

Amarka! We Might Be Wrong, But We're Strong!
Ain't That What Matters?

Save Our Planet:  Remove a bush.


Support the U.K., the 51st State:  Bush/Blair/Cheney in '04!  Eric M

You Can't Spell 'Nitwit' Without Dubya!

It's the STUPID President.

Fuct Tape

If Bush=Corleone, then,W=Fredo

Bushwhacked in Iraq.


Free John Henkley

Bush: The "Attack and Spend" President

Military Deserters Shouldn't Start Wars


"Frodo failed. Bush has the Ring."
Quoted from Sam Pedrazza

Give Alan some of the ones from Freeway Blogger like:

Quagmire Accomplished

We are all wearing the Blue Dress now

People didn't die when Clinton lied

Quit killing my children ---God

as well as:

Who would Jesus kill?

It takes a village idiot

"WAR" starts with a W

Mission Un-Accomplished


Get the hell out of Al's Office monkey boy!

BUSH ,better when planted in the ground

Overspent, Overdone, and Over Here

Evil is as Evil does!


Whose buggering who?

Transplant Shrub back in Crawford!

Send the Village back it's Idiot!

Bush-Cheney:  The best government money can buy!

To plagarize one from the highwayblogs web site.  Support Our Troops-- Don't Lie

How about a group simply holds one of the 10 Commandment that Bush (the anointed
one) has broken:
Remember "Thou Shalt Not Kill?"
Remember "Thou Shalt Not Lie?"
and, of course:
Remember "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Oil?"


Bush Cheney 2004
The birth of the 4th Reich


Compassionate Conservatives:  Shafting the Rest of Us with a Smile:  Bush Cheney
in '04!  Eric M

Support Federal Employment of the Mentally Challenged:  Bush/Cheney in '04!
Eric M

It's a Haliburton World:  Buch/Cheney in '04!  Eric M