Weekend at Junquillal

Men and fire. We had a great cookout featuring grilled chicken. Right to left, Leo, Fabio, Jeffrey and Leo's two sons. It was good to be back home.

Jeffrey and his precious daughter, Stacy. Don't you love the homemade grill! I don't have a grill so Jeffrey brought his.

Landslides are common here in Costa Rica and there are always a variety of solutions attempted. In the above picture workers are attaching tarps to the mountainside without any safety harnesses. In the side view mirror , there I am taking a picture. lol

Instead of covering the mountainside with tarps, this attempt to stop the crumbling is an interesting one. Wire fencing is spread over the mountainside and sprayed with a concrete and dirt mix. I hope this works and doesn't slide off the mountain onto the highway.

This is where I do my shopping, it is about 2 blocks from my room in San Jose. The main street has great bakeries, groceries, clothes, restaurants, electronics, and the mountain view is to die for.

Pura Vida.