This is what you saved from possible foreclosure

I named my property Ashford Manor (outlined in orange) My house is beneath that clump of pecan trees.

This is what the house looked like before I bought it in 2005. Crummy, huh? My realtor, April, is opening

the front door. I asked April to find me a house between $50,000-60,000. April said I would really like Ashford and she was right.

This is what it looks like now. I have two and a half acres. 12 pecan trees surround my house with a

four season southern garden and both are about 50 years old. I replaced the windows and doors and

painted inside and out. Oh, I added that carport, too. Notice the repaired elephant on my front porch.


This is my view from my front yard.


Thank you all for helping AHNC. There are not enough words to  express my gratitude. ..

I look at it this way, we have all been in this together, and we might as well enjoy the ride.

Remember, AHNC is open 24/7!


This is what you said



For more than a few years, you have hosted a link to my website, You were the first to do so and I thank you. As you know, my site provides free service to veterans and their families experiencing post-deployment mental health issues, specifically Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Because of the link on your site, thousands -- literally thousands, have come on to visit my site.

You've provided an invaluable service to those seeking help for one of this war's most pervasive problems. In addition to veterans and family members, your site has also allowed various university and institutions to find my website. After all, you do have a well-educated and intelligent reader base! Some of these are people who are specializing in treating PTSD and others are conducting studies about its impact on our newest generation of veterans. Again, your willingness to give us a link has been invaluable.

I have made a small donation to you today. I have done so in the past but not on a regular basis. Quite honestly, I did not realize your website was a full time vocation. I should have know better. My website takes a lot of my time and it is not revised on a daily basis but I do have a lot of email to respond to. If you stay up online, I'll make a point to contribute on a quarterly basis.

Lisa, along with your other fans, I hope you stay online. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Rick O'Dell



I just saw today’s front page. I didn’t know you were that close to the edge. I am so sorry

I just arranged a small contribution via PayPal. I won’t pretend that it will do much more than buy you lunch but it ‘s what I can do. I’d offer to marry you, but you probably wouldn’t be any better off all things considered.

I wish you could make a living doing what you love to do and do so well. And I wish I could do more to help, not just for your sake, but to keep the spirit of AHNC alive on the web.

If AHNC has to go away, please keep the mailing list and let us know when you come back. I’m sure you will be back and I want to be there.


hey lisa,

I really do wish I could donate more but i recently re-located to Iceland to study geothermal energy and so my funds are tight. I am stoked to see all of the changes being made by a president that i can actually listen to. It gives me hope that I have made the right choice to research and develop renewable energies that God knows we need. How much better would our foreign policy be if we could not have to deal with the energy side of the equation? Good luck and I hope that you can keep AHNC going, it is an addiction to me and I would be shivering on the floor without it


please stay online with ahnc


Oh, Lisa. I'm so sorry about your predicament. I run a small non-profit organization myself and I KNOW what it's like to depend entirely on donations. I've sent you another small contribution. I wish I could send a WHOLE lot more but my income is very modest indeed and I'm also in debt so there you have it. I wish I knew why more people don't step up to the plate. (You know I'm in your corner!)



to lisa I wish I could give you more


Keep on keeping on


Hi Lisa:

Thanks for your note. One of my biggest regrets of striking out on my own is the loss of my
funds to help support the things I really care about. And I doubly regret I don't have more to offer you
in help. As lots of your readers say 'you make my day'. And I never thought in a hundred years I
would be corresponding with the owner of a website.
I have always believed when changes happen it is for a purpose. Sometimes I pull against it like a
mule headed redhead but it changes no matter what I do. If you have to shut down the site only then
will the daily readers realize what they lost. And if that happens I hope you will stay in touch with me.
Hang on Lisa. And no, don't even consider going to live with your mother!

Dear Lisa,

Your site has kept me laughing through years of political insanity so I am finally mailing you a check for $120. If you're able to keep the laughs coming and the politicians on their toes, I will donate again as my finances permit.

Whether you can continue AHNC or not (and I hope you can), thank you for producing the best political humor website ever! I wish you and your family all the best.

Peace and prosperity...

Your fan (and a slacker no more),

Hey Lisa,

My wife and I were so sorry to learn of your financial distress. That's
why we decided to send you the $200 donation.

Please know that you've contributed comfort to us while weathering the
criminal Bush Co. years, and that we appreciate all of your hard work. We
sincerely wish you all the best.

Your liberal friends in Florida,
Dave & Amy



I've enjoyed your work over the years, and I hope you find a way to stay with it. But if not... thank you.



in gratitude for my sanity


donation for Entertainment and Enlightenment


Hi Lisa,

Please don't fade away. We need you! I am preparing to change careers (from construction to paralegal) and I don't know what the job market will be like in Dec when I graduate. I like what I hear so far from President Obama. I don't think I have ever capitalized "president" or "goergie w bush" since the disater of 2000. I listen to public radio here in Houston and they face the same dilemna as you- peope who use and enjoy their services but don't fully appreciate it by donating to ensure it's continuation. It took me a little while to realize that myself. Hope my contribution helps. Rick in Texas


To keep AHNC afloat!


Hey LisaI am soooo sorry to hear of your financial woes! I've been in your shoes before (for different reasons), and the stress is just unbelievable. Happily, I survived, but the memory of those dark days is never far from my mind. I wish I could be your financial sugar daddy, but at least I can pony up another $20 for the cause. I believe that talented and entertaining sites such as yours deserve our financial support, and so I do my best to contribute to those sites that I visit regularly. Unfortunately, I can't send much, but I do what I can. I wish others shared this philosophy. Perhaps one of your writers made a wise observation: people didn't understand this this is your livelihood, since you use the word "Donation". Maybe by restating your financial requests as a subscription, like Kos does, it might help. Also, does Paypal offer a pay by the month auto debit sort of arrangement? If you could make it painless for people to spend say $5 a month with you, they might be a bit more inclined to kick in. Who knows - it couldn't hurt! Anyway, just wanted you to know that you have a friend in Texas who is thinking of you tonight and hoping the best for you.


Thank You for all your Hard work, You always made me laugh when I felt hopeless for our Nations bleak out look delivered us by the Bush Morons. I will miss your site when you can no longer continue your efforts to publish this extraordinary web site, shining light on the stupidity of Politicians. Especially the unequivocally Hippocratic, Republicans. I am sending a donation, not that I for-see things changing for you, but because Even now with the new Direction and Hope for our country that comes with the promise of our new President Barack Obama, I believe too much damage has occurred to our economy and our country. That no one can even begin to stop the hemorrhaging. That the terrorists have struck a death blow to our country. I do not mean the Muslim extremists either, I mean the unyielding Bush greed machine that drove our country right into the ground. I do hope that by some kind of miracle You find your much needed and well deserved Sugar Daddy. Best wishes and a heartfelt Thank You Lisa!!!

Well, I've been reading your site for about a year, so here's a couple of bucks per month, a little late. Hope it helps!


You had never mentioned that you were in dire straits. It was a shock reading your post. You do such a good job.

Please, let me know if it starts to get really icky. OK?


For all you have done to keep me sane these last 8 years


don't give up lisa. this is not much but it's a start.


Hi, Lisa... I am one of those people who have long visited your site because I could count on it to enrich my day. Once - once, I sent you a small contribution. The return on my miserly investment is incalculable. It was always easy for me to rationalize failing to carry my share of the water, thinking someone else would do it for me. May I suggest making AHNC a subscription site? If you would, send me a figure for what the annual fee would be. If I can afford it I will write a check immediately and put it in the mail. I think you have a good heart because it shows. I also think a formal request of Mr. Soros is a good idea. Best of luck.


Back payments! Love you every day -- Sorry I'm late.


in case you need a new hat


A small help for one who helps big.

Love from Babeth in Beligum, Europe


I am Alhaji Musa Abdulla the Director in charge of Auditing sectionBank Of Africa(.B.O.A)Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso in West Africa. Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise. AS IT MAY INTEREST YOU TO KNOW, I GOT YOUR IMPRESSIVE INFORMATION THROUGH THE INTERNET SEARCH HERE IN OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA-FASO. I have decidedto contact you on a project that will be very beneficial to both of us. During our auditing in this Bank,I came across some amount of money belonging to a deceased foreigner Mr.Sheu Yuan-dong who died with his wife and their only daughter on February 16,1998 in a plane

The fund has been dormant in his account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody from his relation before my discovery to this development. He was the Governor of Taiwan Central(Reserve)Bank. The said amount is U.S $14,000,000(FOURTEEN MILLION UNITED STATE OF AMERICA DOLLAR). And now this belongs to you. REPLY ME BACK!

Don't I wish! LOL