Thanksgiving Thank You

Looking over the past year I am just thankful to be able to write this and thank those who have helped.

My first thank you is extended to Joe from South America. He has been my rock throughout this past year. He’s also AHNC’s cyber sugar daddy.

He financed my trip to Costa Rica to get a medical diagnosis and continues funding me to this day. He has kept me and AHNC from drowning. He believes in, as I do, keeping AHNC alive. He has also offered me a two year sabbatical to write a book in South America. He funds people much more needy than me which made me realize what a truly wonderful loyal human being he is. I cannot wait to meet face to face with the person who saved my life.

My second thank you is to Pollo, my Costa Rican “son”, who found me affordable health care there and showed me the ropes on where I needed to go and how to get there. Plus he’s just a great friend.

My best friend, Peggy … well, thanks aren’t enough for her. She is an amazing southern belle who accompanied me to Costa to be diagnosed and is always fun, be it in Costa, Florida, Alabama, by phone or email. In fact her karma was so good she met a lovely man when we were staying at Casa Roland in San Jose last year. They have been dating for over a year long distance. He lives in California and she lives in Florida. It is better than any romance novel I’ve read.

I have many thanks for Alicia and Jesse at Casa Roland who found the doctors for my diagnosis. And a special thank you to all my “daughters” at Casa Roland who treat me like family whenever I stay there. Casa Roland has the best concierge service in Costa Rica, believe me.

Of course, my other Costa Rican “sons”, Fabio, Jeffrey, Marshall and Chino, deserve more than thanks for all that they have done for me. And my thoughtful neighbors, Dean and Saff. I miss them all terribly.

Thankfully, my husband has been caring for my mother and me since I returned from Costa Rica. He also runs interference for me with my mother. Thank you.

I want to give loving thanks to my son who completely believes that I could overcome anything.

So, with a lot of help from my friends and family, I am happy, somewhat healthy and very glad to be alive.

I love Thanksgiving. I only wish I was preparing it this year.

I will be going to my cousin’s home for Turkey Day. For you long time viewers of AHNC, you may remember a column I wrote a couple of years ago,  I spent Thanksgiving with a flock of right-wing turkeys. I will be spending Thanksgiving at this same cousin’s home. So this should be interesting.

Since mid-October I have been caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s in her small Florida condo. I wish I had a place to do my work in peace and quiet. Hence fewer editions of AHNC. Mea culpa.

I am also very thankful that I don’t have Alzheimer’s.

And last but not least, thank you to all the supporters of AHNC -- you who have been the stuffing in my turkey.

I wish you the best Thanksgiving ever.