September 26, 2002


America wants to destroy chemical weapons it provided Iraq, Khamenei says (AP)
Iran's supreme leader on Saturday criticized America for wanting to destroy Iraq's chemical weapons, saying Washington had given Baghdad similar weapons during the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran war.
- Sep 21 1:36 PM ET

Pentagon discusses ways to use chemicals to calm rioters (AP)
The U.S. military is exploring ways to use drugs such as Valium to calm people without killing them during riots or other crowd control situations where lethal weapons are inappropriate.
- Sep 25 5:49 PM ET

Germany Refuses to Endorse Dossier (AP)
Germany refused Wednesday to endorse a British warning about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and said it remains opposed to war, joining France and China in reacting skeptically to a report the United States called "frightening."
- Sep 25 3:08 PM ET


Red Cross Urges Action on Germ Weapons, Biotech
Wed Sep 25, 5:39 PM ET

By Richard Waddington

GENEVA (Reuters) - Warning that the biotech revolution could make germs a common weapon of war, the International Committee of the Red Cross on Wednesday urged governments, industry and scientists to tighten controls.

Reuters article