September 25, 2002

Gore Says Bush Is To Blame For Election Problems
Wed Sep 18, 8:39 AM ET

A man who knows all about election woes in Florida is weighing in on the latest polling problems and the race for governor.

Former vice president Al Gore, who was in town for a rally to support a ballot initiative to reduce class sizes in Florida schools, pointed the finger of blame for this year's election fiasco at Gov. Jeb Bush. He said Bush did not keep promises made after the 2000 presidential election to clear up problems.

Gore is also pleased that McBride and Reno have now come together.

"This is a day that I believe will be remembered as a turning point in the modern history of Florida. Today the Democratic candidates in the primaries unified and are all in the same sheet of music, on the same page and are focused on winning in November," Gore said.

Fla. Gov. Bush Extends Poll Hours (AP)
Gov. Jeb Bush ordered polls statewide to extend voting hours Tuesday after problems were reported in the state's first test of its revamped elections system.
- Sep 10 3:34 PM ET

Serious Problems With Fla. Voting
Wed Sep 11, 6:38 AM ET

By ALEX VEIGA, Associated Press Writer

MIAMI (AP) - Florida's first major election since the 2000 debacle delivered another black eye to the state as mechanical and human glitches left voters frustrated and ballots missing and prompted calls for a recount.

Despite $32 million spent to reform the voting system, Tuesday's primary was marred by faulty vote-counting machines, absent poll workers and exasperated voters unable to cast ballots.

Problems were reported in 14 of Florida's 67 counties, including six of the seven that were sued after the 2000 vote. The governor called it "shameful."

"It's deja vu all over again," said Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe. "Even before the polls close, we know that election reform in Florida has failed its first test."

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