September 20, 2002

How Saddam Happened
America helped make a monster. What to do with him—and what happens after he’s gone—has haunted us for a quarter century

By Christopher Dickey and Evan Thomas

Sept. 23 issue — The last time Donald Rumsfeld saw Saddam Hussein, he gave him a cordial handshake. The date was almost 20 years ago, Dec. 20, 1983; an official Iraqi television crew recorded the historic moment.

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U.S. sent Iraq germs in mid-'80s
News Washington Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON - American research companies, with the approval of two previous presidential administrations, provided Iraq biological cultures that could be used for biological weapons, according to testimony to a U.S. Senate committee eight years ago.


It seems that the Bushes use our military for their own personal capitalistic pursuits. All Hat No Ed. comment