November 7  2002

Didn't the White House say that Republicans shouldn't gloat about Election 2002?

Read an article by ex-Congressman Joe Scarborough as printed in the Pensacola News Journal the day after the 2002 election.  Joe Scarborough was the U.S. Congressman from the Pensacola, Florida area who had a dead female intern turn up in his Fort Walton Beach office.

In this election, the D stands for Dumb-ocrat

Joe Scarborough
News Journal correspondent

excerpt: >the Paul-Wellstone-Is-Dead pep rally put on by the Democrats last week was beyond tasteless. In the end, the prize most coveted by Democrats was not Paul Wellstone's Senate seat.

It was Jeb Bush's political head.<

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Read about the dead intern found in Joe Scarborough's office

Fla. County Finds 100,000 Lost Votes (AP)
In yet another Florida election blunder, officials in Broward County misplaced more than 100,000 ballots cast in this week's election.
- Nov 07 7:06 AM ET