November 6 2002

TV Networks Return to Basics in Election Coverage (Reuters)
For news divisions of the major U.S. television networks, Election Night 2002 meant going back to basics as they tracked close congressional and gubernatorial races without the benefit of crucial exit-polling data.
- Nov 06 9:29 AM ET

Gephardt decides not to seek another term as Democratic leader of House of Representatives (AP)
Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt intends to announce Thursday that he will not seek a new term as House Democratic leader, senior aides said.
- Nov 06 6:18 PM ET

Depressed Democrats Look to 2004 (Reuters)
... severe blows to House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt and Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, but could free them up from congressional commitments to make White House runs....
- Nov 06 5:44 PM ET