November 2 2002

Ex-U.N. Inspector Fears U.S. Will Provoke Iraq War (Reuters)
A former U.N. weapons inspector and Gulf War veteran said Friday the United States would try to trigger a war with Iraq by interfering in new arms inspections in what he said would be proof of American "imperial" ambitions.
- Nov 01 1:21 PM ET

Russia Wants U.N. Approval Before Attack on Iraq (Reuters)
Russia stood by its demand on Friday that Washington seek explicit U.N. authorization for using force against Iraq if Baghdad failed to cooperate with weapons inspectors.
- Nov 01 12:48 PM ET

Cronkite: Solo Action May Spark War (AP)
Solitary action by the United States against Iraq could lead to World War III, former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite says.
- Nov 01 5:31 AM ET