November 26  2002

"Grave questions of invasion of privacy" (
Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, warns that the Total Information Awareness program threatens our basic rights -- and questions whether Adm. Poindexter is the right man to run it
- Nov 26

Opinion: Homeland Security Is Watching You (NewsFactor)
...They Know Where You Surf Mihir Kshirsagar, policy analyst at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, told NewsFactor about a troubling aspect of the new legislation....... Department of Homeland Security bureaucracy is an agency with an Orwellian title, the Information Awareness Office, headed by John Poindexter....
- Nov 25 1:36 PM ET

In the Name of Security (The New York Times)
...It would collect every sort of information imaginable, including student grades, Internet activity and medical histories.......But the courts' actions are nothing, critics said, compared with the Total Information Awareness program of the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.......The office plans to construct, according to materials posted on its Web site,...
- Nov 23 2:58 PM ET