November 22  2002

People Who Vote Republican

Berlin police say no investigation against Michael Jackson over child furor (AP)
Police in Berlin said Friday they were not opening any investigation into Michael Jackson over a furor that was triggered when the star held his baby son over a fourth-floor railing at his hotel this week, saying they had found no evidence of any offense.
- Nov 22 5:09 AM ET

Michael Jackson In Cross Hairs Of German, Californian Authorities (
(11/22/02, 7 a.m. ET) -- German police have begun an informal investigation into Michael Jackson's antics following Tuesday's (November 19) frightening incident when the "King Of Pop" held his infant child out the fourth-floor window of a hotel in Berlin. Christine Rother of the Berlin Police Department tells Reuters, "We are examining if there is cause to open an investigation into whether a crime was committed." A formal investigation will commence if the preliminary findings show a "neglect of duty in respect of care and supervision."
- Nov 22 8:57 AM ET

Don't judge Jackson, say child experts (USA TODAY)
From the Today show to Live With Regis and Kelly, the video of Michael Jackson dangling his baby from a balcony in Berlin was talk-show fodder Wednesday. But parenting experts say the incident is not necessarily cause for alarm.
- Nov 21 7:52 AM ET

Michael Jackson's Baby Thriller (E! Online)
For those few remaining doubters, this stunt might prove Michael Jackson really is off the wall, bad and dangerous.
- Nov 20 9:29 AM ET

Michael Jackson Thriller: Dangles Baby Out Window (Reuters)
Singer Michael Jackson briefly dangled a barefoot baby over the railing of his fourth-floor hotel window on Tuesday, providing a momentary if odd thriller for fans waiting on Berlin's central square below.
- Nov 20 9:46 AM ET

Ed. comment: When the national media is using more airtime and ink to cover Michael Jackson instead of John Poindexter, it's no wonder we have a five felony convicted criminal running the Defense Department's  IAO (Information Awareness Office).  We typed Michael Jackson into Yahoo! Recent News search engine and came up with 1188 stories.  When we searched for the name John Poindexter we got 18 matches, 15 of which charge $2.95 to read the article. The freebie news story links are below.

Cybersurveillance System Being Built (PC World)
Defense Department's database-sifting project is overseen by Poindexter, dubbed an enemy of privacy.
- Nov 14 5:59 PM ET

Jesse Jackson: Take another look at Iraq (Black Voices)
...Safire warns, it is being put together under the aegis, bizarrely, of John Poindexter, Reagan's former national security advisor who was convicted on five felony counts...
- Nov 19 1:24 PM ET

Watchdog Urges Bush to Kill Pentagon Data-Mine Plan (Reuters)
... to look for threatening patterns among everyday transactions, the director of the effort, John Poindexter, a former national security advisor, has said....
- Nov 14 8:57 PM ET