November 14, 2002

Just a few years ago the media was reporting on who was Clinton's last fling, a booming stock market and low unemployment -- now we are bombarded with war rhetoric, corporate corruption and a failing economy. Don't you miss the good old days?

Enron Ex-CFO Fastow Pleads Innocent (Reuters)
...Prosecutors are believed to be investigating the role of former Enron Chairman Ken Lay and former Enron Chief Executive Jeff Skilling in the company's demise....
- Nov 06 4:26 PM ET

Changes in Homeland Security Bill Spur Controversy (Reuters)
Democrats in the US House and Senate are crying foul over last-minute health-related changes to a bill to merge dozens of federal agencies into a new Department of Homeland Security.
- Nov 14 6:05 PM ET

House Passes Homeland Security Bill (AP)
A new Homeland Security Department moved closer to becoming reality after the House easily passed a bill calling for the largest overhaul of the government in more than 50 years.
- Nov 14 10:51 AM ET

SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt resigns under pressure (AP)
Harvey Pitt, who provoked outcries over his ethics in a string of political missteps, resigned under pressure as the government's top securities regulator. The White House, said it could be "weeks, months," before Pitt is replaced.
- Nov 06 4:01 PM ET

$ The Two-Enron System $2.95 (The New York Times Archive)
... division that may have overstated its profits while hemorrhaging cash under the leadership of Thomas White, who is now the secretary of the Army, entrusted with $81 billion of taxpayers' money during...
- Feb 15 2002