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An act of Brotherly it all began

The Illustrious Governor of the Great State of Florida and his gift to his bro, the Governor of the Great State of Texas.

Jeb sure changed the shape of Florida while the state was throbbing

through all the election irregularities, from thousands of illegally obtained absentee  ballots, Florida Highway patrol cars outside of black voting areas, and his Repugnican buddies filing lawsuits all over the country.  Things were a rockin' and a rollin'  all thanks to Jeb. act of brotherly love


Jeb, "Orange" ya glad I'm your Secretary of State to help reshape Florida?

   Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State, has greatly helped JEB! with these changes, especially in the area of election law revision, so they can book on into Washington D.C. with G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney and do the same for the rest of the country! Just think, no more tiresome hand counting of votes! And damn those bothersome states' rights! Just call in the Feds...

with Dubya leading the way.




Katherine Harris and Governor Jeb Bush celebrate 

his brother's victory in Florida, again.

                                      By Libby R.L. Media

Tallahassee, Fla. -- Katherine Harris, Citrus Heiress, millionairess and Jeb

Bush's Secretary of State celebrated today by exchanging gifts.  Ms. Harris gave Gov. Bush a new tie she designed and Gov. Bush gave her a Carmen Miranda hat and some Sangria. Gov. Bush admits being partial to Latino customs and food. Harris also gave Gov. Bush the certified votes his brother needed -- twice last month, just to be sure.



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