Medical update

Chemo number 10 done.

2 more chemos to go then 3 weeks of radiation, 5x times a week for  5 minutes a day.

My doctor said I am doing “wonderful” and reiterated how “brave” I am. I responded how scared I am and how I hate needles, tests, hospitals and why does she think I’m brave. My doctor looked down and said, “If you saw all my other patients none of them have your bravery.” My eyes filled with tears and I said, “But, I’m still scared.” She smiled and said, “Well, you don’t show it emotionally or physically and that is all that counts.”

Costa Ricans are so in touch with their spirit and mine. And I felt so much better after that discussion.

But chemo saps your strength. Days melt into one another. I forget so many things. I have no eyebrows. Lol

But I still have my hair, which is sad because I have a lovely collection of hats I was looking forward to wearing.

I found a fabulous room to rent during radiation etc. It is a few blocks from the hospital with family of friends of mine. It is lovely. My host is a retired biology prof of Chinese/Nicaraguan descent who was born in San Jose and his lovely Costa Rican wife. My room is off the back veranda with a breathtaking view of the mountains. And the food, the food is fantastic. One evening one of the brothers of my host (he has 9 brothers and sisters) brought his homemade cheese to sprinkle on our spaghetti and meat sauce. I love the busyness of their family always coming by.

My friend Marshall called the other day to see how I was. He made the most observant comment. He said, “The most important thing to Costa Ricans is health care as #1 then education as #2. Without those you have nothing.”

I savor the two weeks I have between chemos. It makes me appreciate the important things in life such as , “Thank God I’m not a Republican.”