Medical Update

I was scheduled for a cat scan prior to radiation.

The cat scan machine was not working. I have been rescheduled for Tuesday. So, no radiation yet.

I returned to my home in Junquillal.

On Monday I take the bus back to San Jose and hope the machine is working on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed.

Here are a few of the many wonderful emails sent to me:

Hi, Lisa... I have not visited your site for a long while. During the '08 presidential campaign you were instrumental in lifting my spirit and bringing a smile to my face. Now I find you have a health issue which demands your attention. I send you my best wishes for good fortune in addressing it. I'm sure there are many people like me who have been touched by your wit and charm. Buena suerta.




Omigosh, Lisa!

After looking at the update on to  just now,
I couldn't help but think about how each of us should be even more grateful
for everything you do, under far-less-than-favorable conditions, while having to
do what you do while battling cancer. Each of us should respect you even more.

I'm confident I speak for everyone here who wishes you well and are praying for
your speedy recovery so you can get back to us so you can keep doing what you do.




I've LOVED your site for several years. I would donate, but I've been on social security disability since 8/92. Good luck with your radiation...hope all works out well for you.