July 21, 2002


Reno takes to the Floor at packed Dance Party


Janet Reno did a little dance, made a little speech.

She got down last night.

Partying with political supporters and media at a packed Club Level in Miami Beach, Reno, a Democratic candidate for governor, satisfied a crowd that seemed to have one question on its mind: Will she dance?

Indeed she did, flailing arms, shaking hips, if only for a few minutes...

...Asked how he felt about the party, Bush spokesman Todd Harris, who attended, said: ``You don't want to be invited to someone's house for dinner and make a comment about how ugly the wallpaper is.''

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Reno Gets Her Groove on in Florida
Sat Jul 20,10:26 AM ET
By KEN THOMAS, Associated Press Writer

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Under flashing lights and a disco ball, Janet Reno put on her dancing shoes Friday night, energizing her campaign with a dance party.

Wearing a simple black dress, Reno danced with club co-owner Gerry Kelly as red and white balloons bounced on their heads. The party was based on her January 2001 appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

The $25-per-person event was held at Level, a popular hangout for celebrities and the assorted mix of youth and glamour who converge on Miami's South Beach to party.

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