July 19  2003   WEEKEND EDITION

Brit tied to Iraq leak slain
New York Daily News, NY  7-19-03

WASHINGTON - A British official fingered by the British government as the whistleblower who told reporters they "sexed up" the Iraqi threat was found dead yesterday in a patch of English woods...

Cheney Energy Task Force Documents Detail Iraqi Oil Industry
FOX News - 7-19-03
... The papers were dated early March 2001, about two months before the Cheney energy task force completed and announced its report on the administration's energy ...
       Iraq map among energy task force papers - CBS MarketWatch
       White House energy task force papers reveal Iraqi oil maps - WorldNetDaily
Tearful Kobe Bryant says he's innocent of sexual assault charge
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 7-19-03
His voice quavering, his eyes wet with tears, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant clutched his wife's hand tightly and declared that he did not sexually ...
       Don't rush to judgment about Kobe Bryant - San Jose Mercury News
       Kobe Bryant denies charges - Akron Beacon Journal

Italian journalist quoted as saying she gave documents to US ...
MSNBC - 7-19-03
... Corriere della Sera quoted the journalist as saying she went ... and were short on details on how the uranium ... at the magazine, one of the publications in Italian ...

Who forged the uranium documents that bamboozled the US? A ...
Slate - 
... of the documents "purported to deal with uranium ... Niger diplomat turned the letters over to Italian ... American intelligence officials tell journalist James Risen ...

Which story did you choose?  I did a google on the Cheney Energy Task Force and came up with 170 articles click here for google pageThen I did a google search David Kelly, the weapons expert fingered by the Brits as a whistleblower and came up with 626 stories click here for google results.  Then I did a google on Kobe Bryant rape and came up with 5,120 stories  click here for google resultsThe Liberal Media choose to cover Kobe a lot more than Cheney and the mysterious death of a British official.  Who would have thunk the Liberals would be more interested in sports instead of politics?








Scrawl Brawl Falls

to Alcohol

" ... Solution number 1137: Everybody send a case of pretzels to the White Palace. Solution number 1138: Require all presidents ride Segways. Solution number 1139: Ask the White Palace to make another stem-cell decision ..." - Anita Beer during the Reading of the Solutions Ceremony, an integral part of any Scrawl Brawl. Over twenty-two hundred solutions were offered this year.

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Yall just keep getting better and better. but I have just one ? who is anita beer? With love and peace in my heart toward you all!!! Keep up the the work yall are doing .

the roo

Dear Chas,

Thank you for asking. Anita Beer is my best friend, trusty side-kick, constant companion, and the wind beneath my wings. She sends the bluebirds to tie ribbons in my hair. She trains the chipmunks to type for me while I merely whisper these words. She is the milk with my cookies and the sugar in my coffee.

I am sorry Anita is not available for a date these days but I do know where you can find some Ukrainian, Russian or Romanian mail-order brides in a catalogue.

Thanx for writing, Roo, and I"m glad you enjoy our site.

Create Peace!

Bush's Texas two-step for cash
Houston Chronicle, TX - 7-19-03
... Bush is scheduled to fly from his Crawford ranch to Houston to speak at a fund-raiser at the Westin Galleria. ... Raising money for George Bush is easy in ...
       Bush headed home for cash infusion - Austin American Statesman





US soldiers complain of low morale in Iraq
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - Jul 16, 2003
WASHINGTON Fed up with being in Iraq and demoralized by their role as peacekeepers in a risky place, a group of US soldiers aired their plight on US ...
     Spin of the Week - Guerilla News Network
       US Soldiers Complain of Low Morale in Iraq - Reuters


Flash from the Past Cartoon February 2001



Cops called, invective flies on Capitol Hill
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 7-19-03
... library. Rangel told him no. Moments later, a Capitol police officer
arrived and ordered Rangel to leave. He refused. That prompted ...

       Relations between House Republicans and Democrats become more ...  - WAFF
       Capitol Police called in to calm committee's partisan furor - Charleston Post Courier
       Nation's leaders in action: 'I dare you, you little fruitcake' - Lorain Morning Journal




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Top Recipients of Special Interest Money

Saturday July 19, 2003 6:19 PM

By The Associated Press


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A must see!


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"Jesus is my favorite political philosopher." 

George W. Bush 2000





 Remember this guy, Haley Barbour, RNC Chairman and Chinese Campaign Money Reneger?

Here's a great website about Haley Barbour, former chair of the Republican National Committee and current candidate for Governor of Mississippi. Best of all, it was created by the campaign of his Republican opponent in the primary!


Pura Vida -Wayne

Thanks Wayne-  I love it how republicans eat their young -Lisa