July 17, 2002

Bush Harken Deal Faces New Scrutiny
By Pete Yost
Associated Press Writer
Tuesday, July 16, 2002; 2:31 AM

WASHINGTON –– George W. Bush signed a letter in 1990 saying he wouldn't sell any stock for at least six months in the struggling Texas oil company where he was a director. But 2½ months later, with Harken Energy Corp. hit by a sudden financial crisis, Bush cashed out his shares for $848,560.

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Newsweek July 22 issue — When President Bush came to Wall Street to jawbone chief executives about corporate responsibility, Dick Cheney, the vice president and a former CEO himself, wasn’t with him. When Bush met at the White House with his new Justice Department corporate-crime “SWAT team,” Cheney was elsewhere—at a national-security meeting, his aides said.

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