Update on the condition of All Hat No Cattle

July 18, 2011

 I needed a few days off to absorb the lump and the other plethora of events that have taken over my life.         

 A good friend of mine has often told me, "Keep on marching, Lisa."

 I may not be marching but I am not going to shoot myself in the foot which is a Republican disease.

Plus, as everyone else, if I donít work, I donít get paid and I donít want to ever lose the best job and online friends Iíve ever had.     


Thank you for stopping by because if you are reading this, it shows that you miss All Hat No Cattle.

Deep curtsy,



July 16, 2011:

I avoided going online and reading emails, comments, etc after I posted that I found a lumpÖbecause I hate to have to relive what I am going through. I needed to let this all soak in and I am still unsure of the path I can take to resolve my health issues. And that is the most difficult part of all for me.
If it wasnít for All Hat No Cattle, Iíd probably be dead.
You long time viewers know what I am talking about from almost losing my home in Alabama, to finding treatment for my cancer. I was able to keep AHNC going through those hard times and best of all, you helped me keep going. We do have a symbiotic relationship, donít we?
It is hard being the breadwinner and even harder when you get sick and have no help, no insurance in this magnificent country of ours-- the great old USA.
I am being prevented at this time to return to Costa Rica. It is a stressful sordid legal nightmare.
I can only wait until I can return to my life in Costa Rica where women are respected even if they are foreigners.
I thank all of you who wrote encouraging words.
Iíll be back online asap once my strength returns.


Here is the most touching email I received.
Subject: Lump

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to send you
a message that you are not alone. You are lucky to have
so many friends who have never met you in person but
who know you through your newsletter. Life sucks there
is no other word to describe it better. It is shity and it gets
worse everyday.
Who would have thought 10 or 15 years ago that our country
would be in such a mess. That our people's lives are not worth
as much as the profit of a company. That money we have paid
into Social Security since our teenage years would now be classified
as entitlements as if we have our handout for something we don't deserve.
As a private business owner I have to pay in my share plus the
share of the employer. It is really expensive. Many people die
before they have a chance to collect any of the money they have
put in.
I have been bleeding from my colon now for over 6 months. I have
been waiting until September until Medicare will kick in. The bleeding
is very heavy. Sometimes I feel really depressed. But as you know
my husband had cancer and had to take out a second mortgage
on the house. It was as if all the years of paying were wiped away
and we now are starting over as if we just bought it. With me
there is no second mortgage to borrow. There is no place
to get the huge amount of money needed for care. So I have
kept my mouth shut and told no one. Hopefully it is just nothing much
but I'm beginning to really doubt that.
So you are not alone in your worry and fear. Me I am
ok with however it turns out. I'm getting tired of fighting with
the stupid people of the world. Be grateful of all the friends
you have made. Be at peace. Hopefully we both are ok.
September 1st I am getting an answer. I've booked the
Colonoscopy for that week.

Love you

I just cried after reading that email.
What is our country doing to us? And why are we letting them do it?


July 13, 2011: I found a lump yesterday. I need to take a few days off to figure out what to do. I think I'll take a long drive in the country. I'll be back online asap. Thank you so much for visiting.


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