July 12, 2002

As a Board Member, Bush OKd a Deal Like Enron's
Business: The SEC rejected the 1989 sale of Hawaiian gas stations by Harken Energy Corp.
Times Staff Writer

July 12 2002

WASHINGTON -- In early 1989, George W. Bush and his fellow board members at Harken Energy Corp. were presiding over a company that was headed south in a hurry. The Dallas-based oil firm had lost millions of dollars placing bad bets on commodity futures. Debt was piling up; red ink was beginning to flow.

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Halliburton Iraq ties more than Cheney said
NewsMax Wires
Monday, June 25, 2001
UNITED NATIONS, June 23 (UPI) -- Halliburton Co., the oil company that was headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, signed contracts with Iraq worth $73 million through two subsidiaries while he was at its helm, the Washington Post reported.

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July 12, 2002

Bush’s Rangers Deal Violated President’s Corporate Responsibility Rules Of Ethics, Integrity, Personal Responsibility, Transparency, And Public Trust


President Bush’s Newly Announced Standards. On July 9th, President Bush’s corporate responsibility speech stressed the theme that ethical standards, personal responsibility, personal integrity, and transparency are critical to restore both "confidence in the character and conduct of all of our business leaders" and confidence in our economy. President Bush announced that "government can do more to promote transparency and ensure that risks are honest. And government can ensure that those who breach the trust of the American people are punished." [White House transcript of President Bush’s Corporate Responsibility Speech, (7/9/02)]

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