January 4  2002


President should focus on North Korea, not Iraq
St. Petersburg Times, FL
Our president says that Iraq and North Korea are not the same (Bush: We
can talk to North Korea, Jan. 1). Of course they are not the same. ...


North Korea seeks talks, nonaggression pact
ABS CBN News, Philippines - 3 hours ago
BEIJING/WASHINGTON - North Korea said on Friday it was willing to discuss its nuclear
program with the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency ...

       North Korea Says Willing to Talk to US and IAEA - Reuters
       N.Korea Wants Talks with US, Non-Aggression Pact - Reuters
       North Korea Says Willing to Talk to US and IAEA - ABC News

North Korea plea for pact rejected
Gulf Daily News, Bahrain 
The US dismissed as irrelevant North Korea's request for a non-aggression pact
yesterday and said it refused to renegotiate the 1994 agreement which froze ...