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January 19, 2003

Read the Fine Print, Condi Rice Supports Affirmative Action for Dumb White Men Like Her Boss


Condi Rice, a high-profile Bush administration official (who just happens to be African-American -- "wink-wink, nod-nod") makes a carefully strategized statement that vaguely supports race being a potential consideration in college admissions, but, you got it, also fully backs the heavy-handed Bush Cartel brief challenging a University of Michigan system that includes race as a consideration among equally qualified candidates:

Rice issued a statement saying that she supports the president's decision to challenge race-conscious admissions as administered by the University of Michigan and that race-neutral means are preferable. But she said there are occasions when "it is appropriate to use race as one factor among others in achieving a diverse student body."

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Different kind of 'bias' benefited president
January 17, 2003


I've been counting and, so far, have come up with exactly one thing I have in common with President Bush: We both went to Ivy League schools, the same ones our fathers did. Which makes us beneficiaries of one of the coziest little affirmative action programs this fine country has to offer.

Bush stopped short of actually uttering the words "affirmative action" when he got us all talking about this Wednesday. Instead, he kept to the specifics of the University of Michigan admissions formulas that are the subject of a case now before the Supreme Court, calling them "divisive, unfair and impossible to square with the Constitution."

He didn't mention anything about the whole deal with Ivy League alumni kids.

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