December 5  2002

Comeback Kid Lectures Democrats
Washington Post - 
... Post Staff Writer Thursday, December 5, 2002; 8:12 AM We're surprised more ink
isn't being spilled on the latest step into the spotlight by Bill Clinton. ...

Fix it all with a swagger - Business Times
Win One Like the Gipper - New York Times
Bill : ' MIA ' Dems Are Weak On War Issue - New York Post
Christian Science Monitor

Bush Reinstates Appointee Cash Bonuses -N.Y. Times (Reuters)
...The practice, which was dropped during President Bill Clinton's administration because of questionable practices during the previous Bush administration,...
- Dec 04 3:38 AM ET

Suit Against Hillary Clinton Revived
ABC News - 12 Nov 2002
... We allege Hillary Clinton was the mastermind of them uttering the words
that the tapes were doctored," Klayman said. "They destroyed her.". ...


Gennifer Flowers regains shot at Hillary Clinton
Los Angeles Daily News, CA - 13 Nov 2002
... and conspiracy lawsuit against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former
presidential aides George Stephanopoulos and James Carville. ...


The vast right wing conspiracy continues to harass Hillary Clinton by reviving two lawsuits against her. Ed.comment