December 25  2002

What we should know about the impending US war on Iraq
ABS CBN News, Philippines - 
... Is it any wonder then that the team of George Bush junior, whose petrol-lineage
goes back generations, is so focused on initiating and achieving a quick ...

       A capital at war - Taipei Times
       Iraq Shoots Down Predator Drone - Bay Area Independent Media Center
       Iraq Pours Scorn on 'Little Bush' - Reuters

Defence redefined means securing cheap energy
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 
Behind George Bush's high-minded rhetoric on why America may go to war with Iraq
is a long history of weighing the price of securing its oil supplies. ...

       Seven get Bush pardons - San Francisco Examiner
       Bush pardons 7 who paid for their crimes - Tri-Valley Herald
       Pardon me, George - Edmonton Sun

Oilmen don't want another Suez : Critics of US policy claim it ... - 
... And the fact that President George Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney have both
been enriched by oil companies raises suspicions about their motives for war. ...

Bush's ' Africa snub ' draws ire .
Hi Pakistan, Pakistan - 8 hours ago
... unjustified and insensitive to those dying on the frontlines in the war on AIDS,
a war more just and important than any war on Iraq, and one which George Bush ...