December 18  2002

Mark Shields: How dumb is Trent Lott?
... and his ban on racial discrimination in the civil service -- "wouldn't have had all
these problems over all these years," Republican Senate leader Trent Lott, R ...

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Trent Lott's failure to explain himself.
Answering his first question on Black Entertainment Television Monday night, Trent
Lott reached for all the buzzwords of Christian cleansing: "forgiveness ...

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Lott Complains About White House Leaks (AP)
Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, fighting to surmount a furor over his racially insensitive remarks, complained Wednesday about anonymous White House leaks calling for his demise.
- Dec 18 12:47 PM ET


Bush's trusty new Mideast point man
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - 
... term. He was pardoned by president George HW Bush along with a number
of other Iran-Contra defendants in 1992. Nonetheless, his ...

Saddam's foes share a history of tragedy
Gulf News, United Arab Emirates - 16 Dec 2002
... Some paid a personal price when, at the end of the 1991 Gulf War, President George
HW Bush encouraged Iraqis to rise up but failed to support the revolt.