December 17  2002

Majority Say Lott Should Not Lead
Washington Post, DC - 
Slightly more than half of all Americans believe incoming Senate majority leader
Trent Lott should step down from his leadership post for making racially ...

Lott's love affair with racism
Working for Change, CA - 
Other white Southerners, such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, managed
a bold break with the evil ways of their elders, but not Lott. ...

Some blacks skeptical of Lott's BET apology
Trent Lott apologize on Black Entertainment Television about remarks perceived
as racially insensitive said they found his remorse unconvincing. ...

Bush Will Not Help Embattled Senate Leader Lott, say News Reports
Voice of America 
... Mr. Lott has been trying to atone for comments he made earlier this month at a
100th birthday party for outgoing Republican Senator Strom Thurmond of South ...


Trent Lott's Voting Record on Civil Rights

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