December 13  2002

Maine senators denounce Republican leader Trent Lott
PORTLAND (AP) -- Maine's two Republican senators have joined President Bush in denouncing
Senate Republican leader Trent Lott for his recent comments praising ...

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Trent Lott should be dumped because he is politically stupid - The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News
Having learned nothing since 1948, Trent Lott must step down - The Free Lance-Star

Trent Lott's Segregationist College Days
Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott helped lead a successful battle to prevent his
college fraternity from admitting blacks to any of its chapters, in a little ...

Trent Lott and the boys from "the uptown Klan"
The Nation - 11 Dec 2002
The incredible thing about the controversy surrounding soon-to-be Senate Majority
Leader Trent Lott's kissing up to the racist legacy of Strom Thurmond is that ...

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