December 11  2002

Lott & Strom: Time for both to pack it in (New York Daily News)
Trent Lott should fire himself. The incoming Senate majority leader, in the midst of a mess of his own making, should quit his leadership position for the sake of his party - and the country.
- Dec 11 7:19 AM ET

Lott apologizes for Thurmond comments, but criticism mounts (AP)
Senate Republican leader Trent Lott's apology for remarks seeming to condone the South's segregationist past failed to calm a storm of criticism from black leaders and, belatedly, top Democrats. Even a leading conservative group questioned Lott's qualifications to lead the party in the Senate.
- Dec 11 7:36 AM ET

State's rights? Lott in a right state again
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 
Twenty-two years ago, Trent Lott, now the Senate majority leader but then a Mississippi
congressman, told a political gathering that if the United States had ...