December 10  2002

Bush's Big-Brother Policies Continue
 Even scarier is the fact that the director of this Orwellian
vision is, of all people, John Poindexter. Remember him? ...

Appointing With Conviction
Washington Post, DC - 
John M. Poindexter, also convicted as a result of Iran-contra (with his conviction
later overturned on appeal), was recently appointed to run the Pentagon's ...


Hardline Right-Wing Zionist is appointed to be US MidEast Chief
Bay Area Independent Media Center, CA - 07 Dec 2002
... Elliott Abrams is indeed a very strange choice for Bush to make as the ... Elliot plead
guilty in 1987 to the charge that he withheld information from Congress on ...


Oliver North: "No-one even charged me of lying to Congress" from Buzzflash

Report of the Independent Counsel:

"Count One: The indictment charged that North and McFarlane obstructed Congress by falsely denying in three letters North's contra-assistance efforts.

"Counts Two, Three, and Four: False statements to Congress, charging specific misrepresentations in the three letters described in Count One."

(See the Randi Rhodes radio show transcript at

Oliver North: "No-one ever convicted of me of lying to Congress" Randi

Rhodes: "You were convicted in a court of law" Oliver North: "I am denying it"

Report of the Independent Counsel:

"On May 4, 1989, he was found guilty of three counts, including aiding and abetting obstruction of Congress, shredding and altering official documents, and accepting an illegal gratuity from Secord."

Links to Randi Rhodes and the Independent Counsel's report