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Serious Kidding

Creative consultant, political humor and songwriter. Grant "Brad" Gerver does it all!

This site is a must-read for all those sickened with the lack of coverage of the important stories plus it has some humor added to help us while we suffer through the Bush Coup d'Etat.  Great site with direct links to the best in serious, accurate journalism and some political humor.

Five star - but not for the faint of political hearts.


At Wits End 

Intelligent commentary shootin' from the hip. Bob Witkowski has the credentials.  This is a must see site.


Faux News Channel 

Very creative satire site.  Nails the right wing on a regular basis. One of my favorite sites. 


Furniture for the People

Rickie Lee Jones, musician extraordinaire, has a new website including political commentary and networking.  Excellent.  In fact, I'm going to buy her latest CD.

Excellent! An E-Zine of Satire, News Parody, Humor, Animation, Art and Culture, Politics


"You're either with us or you're watched." is Buckfush's motto.  Great site--one of my award winning sites.  Don't miss it if you need a laugh.


Red Tractor USA


Click Here for Red Tractor USA

Funny satire

"Hook up now with one of the internet's up and coming news satire web sites today. Free of charge ! No money, no Pay Pal, no B.S. , no attitude. Just free exposure with a like minded satirist." - Red Tractor USA


Political Irony

Humor and Hypocrisy from the World of Politics


Naughty Pictures Of Bush

We all need a breath of fresh air  and here is a  fresh cartoon presentation.


Disaster President

The rantings of an old tired guy who wants to see positive change in the United States.


 Philip Wister's Blog

My Stolen Nation 

A great cutting edge humor site. Funny cartoons and satire.


Dubya's Dayly Diary

MadKane has done a terrific job with this site.  She has the president-select's speech patterns down to a tee.  Ya gotta go here!


Too Stupid to be President

This man is a genius.  He has nailed Dubya.  He is a fab animation cartoonist.  I cannot express his talents clearly enough, you must click and go.


The Raw Story 

Breaking news with an edge.  Quite creative.



Excellent cartoons and more. Fabulous site.


Caricature Directory  



A great link site for everything to do with caricatures, illustrations, etc.  A fun place to visit.


Vote Bush Out   

Great site that is trying to do exactly what it says -- VOTE BUSH OUT!

New and informative site.  I highly recommend it.



A very interesting take on what is going on in this weird political atmosphere.  Very much to the point.  Check it out.


Republican Press

Don't let the name fool you -- this site is chock full of unique commentary from a variety of individuals. Savvy sarcasm at it's best. Well designed, easy to use site.



Bush Bond Posters

Here is a very interesting site from Germany. This German gentleman has created some fine political art coupled with his personal letter to President Bush.  It is worth a visit.




This site is one of my favorites.  It's savvy, funny, irreverent, sort of like All Hat No Cattle! No wonder I like it so much.



Virtual Journalist

Very creative flash animation.  How it really is in the wacky world of corporate journalism.


Rush Limbaugh Online Rush Limbaugh Online : the cyber center of Rush Limbaugh humor

Extensive site filled with everything you could think of about Rush.  Highly creative and professional.  I just love it.


EVIL GOP Bastards

"Exposing the ugly truth about the Republican Party's diabolical plot to replace constitutional democracy with an oligarchic fascist theocracy..."

This site is creative and filled with astute commentary.  I love their 'toons.


Vote to Impeach Bush

George W. Bush Must Answer to the People
- adapted from Ramsey Clark's address to the half a million demonstrators at the January 18th National March on Washington to Stop the War on Iraq organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).


Whose Florida?

This is a new site as of May 2001.  This site sure gives the low down on Jeb. Check it out if you care that Florida was taken over by the Bush league.


Uncle Ernie's Issues & Alibis    Great mix of visuals & verbiage

Uncle Ernie is quite unique.  He offers some great commentary plus he makes his point with art work from the best of the net artists.  Uncle Ernie offers much more than political perspectives.  He is a prolific writer of several books and articles on a variety of off-beat subjects.  

This site is so creative that I just love it.  I bet W has reamed out his people thinking it's his own site -- naw, W doesn't read.


God's Right   

This new site is right out of Jolly Olde England.  These Brits sure haven't lost their sense of humor since the Queen Mum died.  Verbiage that would make Monty Python proud -- and funny cartooning.  Check it out.


Cartoons by Vivian Westerman

This website is worth a visit.  An artistic woman involved in politics.  I love it.



This site has been around since 1998, almost as long as Dubya has been in politics! Check this site out, it has everything.  I highly recommend it, it surely has inspired me.


Political Strikes  

Get ready & tie your shoes tight, because this site will blow you away. This man doesn't present things in a politically correct manner -- THANK THE LORD.


Great Political Art by Darrias

Darrias is a superb artist who expresses himself with political clarity.  When I need to be uplifted, I visit his site.  A picture is worth a thousand words when you visit Darrias.


Democratic Underground 

I love these people.  They have up-to-the-minute news, commentary and links.  Top shelf.

This site is for anyone who is not a repugnican.  Left minded, middle of the road, but not for the right.  It has a wonderful plethora of information and facts plus spices it all with humor.

This is the dude that Dubya's mouthpieces sent a cease and desist order to because of his domain name/content.  He also has nailed Dubya.  Great site.


Make Them Accountable

This site has great commentary and links to factual news articles that will blow you away.  Check this site out if you need to find a story or a clarification of the double-speak from the right-wing fanatics. The daily newsletter is one of my favorites.


Victory is certain  

This is a new site on the left track.  It even offers some great music.  They have free poster downloads plus some great anti-Dubya stuff.



Create anti-conservative cards slamming your favorite right wing bozo from around the world.  Check this site out.  Very creative plus just good ole fun!



Link Crusader


If you need to find a link to anti-Bush sites, Link Crusader has about 300 links!  Want to find links to Progressive sites? Link Crusader has almost 100 links.  There are dozens more covering a variety of subjects that is not hanging off the righteous cliff.



Go Back to Texas


This is an entertaining site.  It has bumper stickers for sale and lots of links.  Check it out.


Political Cyber Bytes by Forrest


This site is unique and to the point.  Some of it is a little raw in language but powerfulClick below to each of the phototoons.


Conservative ChickenHawks


The Real Draft Dodgers


Deficit of Values 


Real American Chickens


TattleTale Nation



Bush for Dummies


The name of the site speaks for itself.  This is a great way to get a good laugh.



Roger Art    


This is one pissed off artist...and he expresses it beautifully.  Check out his site.