August 9, 2002


Rescuers struggle up muddy mountainside to recover bodies of 10 military personnel killed in crash of C-130 plane in Puerto Rico (AP)
Rescuers struggled up a steep and muddy mountainside Thursday to recover the bodies of 10 military personnel killed when a U.S. Air Force special operations plane slammed into a Puerto Rican mountaintop and broke apart.
- Aug 08 2:43 PM ET

25 Die in Explosion in Afghanistan (AP)
... province where tensions run high eight months after a U.S.-led military campaign brought down Afghanistan  Taliban government....
- Aug 09 2:53 PM ET

Grenades Kill at Church in Pakistan (AP)
Assailants hurled grenades at worshippers leaving church Friday, killing three Pakistani women and reinforcing fears that Islamic militants are targeting Christians and Westerners in Pakistan in retaliation for the government's support for the U.S.-led war on terrorism.
- Aug 09 2:13 PM ET

Charlton Heston May Have Alzheimer's (AP)
Charlton Heston revealed Friday that doctors have told him he has symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease.
Aug 09 2:45 PM ET