Archives-Ghosts of Pardons Past     

Pandora's box is being opened by the Republican party in the continuing investigation of the pardon of Marc Rich by former President Clinton.  Since the Nixon years, five pardons above have been attributed directly to former President Nixon, Jimmy Hoffa (the labor leader Robert Kennedy convicted ) Nixon himself, George Steinbrenner (New York Yankees owner convicted of illegal contributions to Nixon) and two convicted FBI agents who broke Federal law in their investigations (pardoned by Reagan).  Papa Bush pardoned a plethora of convicted/indicted government employees (six pardons connected to himself and Reagan)  involved in Iran-Contra.  Papa Bush also pardoned a Watergate felon, a Pakistani heroin dealer and a Cuban-exile terrorist. And the "liberal media" is focused on the reporting of the Marc Rich pardon ad nauseam?  Papa Bush deserves a Congressional investigation.   

Wake up and smell the calamity!

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Phototoon by Lisa Casey