I'm off to see the Wizard of Radiation

I begin my radiation on Thursday but first I must make my journey almost across the country.


So I'll be tied up the next few days. Not because I'm riding a horse but because I am going to be travelling in very bad weather...see the weather map below.

It has been pouring here for almost three days straight.  It feels like a hurricane. 

I've been mopping up the water blowing under the doors since 2am.

Thresholds haven't caught on down here in Costa Rica.



It wasn't possible to produce an edition of AHNC today, the Internet is in and out, plus I've been way too busy catching primeval frogs hopping through the front door.

But I didn't want you to leave empty handed, so I did a tribute phototoon to the Gulf of Mexico.



Oh, and I found this funny phototoon for your viewing pleasure.



I'll be back on Friday, May 28.

Thank you for stopping by.


PS: Thanks, Keith, for your support!


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