About All Hat No Cattle


After the shocking events of the 2000 Presidential election, I established the website
AllHatNoCattle, in the hope that humor would help me get through the next four years of the
Bush administration -- that was over thirteen years ago.

And I'm still here.

I provide daily political psychotherapy in order to keep myself and my viewers sane.

I believe the Internet will make our earth smaller and more peaceful through truth.

Enjoy your stay.


Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., during the "Where the Boys Are" era, when the worst thing a
Republican governor did was try to peddle oranges to the Pope. Public schools were excellent,
with 75 percent of high school grads continuing in higher learning. A voucher in those days
was a receipt for payment. We were taught to respect the Florida Aquifer, our only source of
fresh water, because it was about 12 inches below our feet. We knew the pollution in the
Everglades was caused primarily by the Cuban-American owned sugar industry, which was
supported on the backs of laborers from the Caribbean. We welcomed tourists in South Florida
because tourism was a great part of our economy.. We also knew that many visitors would
relocate to this area. I married one. Drugs began arriving in ever-increasing amounts during
the early 1970s. First it was marijuana, and crime rates remained relatively low. Next it was
cocaine.  In the 1980's, under the Reagan/Bush reign, this paradise became America's hotspot
for drug importation, arms dealing and money laundering. That is when I left and ended up in
the panhandle in 1989-2005. (Update: I moved to Costa Rica in 2009). What I am saying, folks,
is YES: It is important to vote and just as important to know all about the politicians you vote into
office --  except, apparently, if you live in Florida.  That is why this website exists. I want every
vote to be counted.
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