BUSHTHINK: Leave the loophole in gun shows

                           but don't arm airline pilots

     Bushthink.   No laws preventing people buying/selling guns anonymously at 

gun shows or anywhere else.  We better get used to it so we can understand it.  Bush wants 

what the NRA, National Rifle Association, wants.  No laws preventing people buying/selling 

guns anonymously at gun shows or anywhere else.  This sweet little loophole is how the Columbine 

killers obtained their guns.  So if Bush feels it's OK for high school kids from Colorado to buy guns, 

what's to stop any terrorist from doing the same thing?

     Bushthink:  Airline pilots shouldn't have guns in the cockpit.   El-Al Airlines, the Israeli airline, thinks 

differently and has not had an airline incident in 20 years.  El-Al's cockpit doors impenetrable, 

pilots are armed and  several armed sky marshals are usually seated among passengers.  U.S. airline cockpit 

doors are now locked, after 9-11, with a flimsy device. But Bush doesn't want pilots armed to protect passengers.  

Why not?  The answer has to be the NRA.

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