October 21 2002

Whack back on Nov. 5
Published October 16, 2002
By Stephen Goldstein Sun-Sentinel

Bushwhacked-Floridians are worse off than we were four years ago. Thanks to Jeb Bush's voodoo economics, smoke-and-mirrors education reforms, environmental poison pills and right-wing pandering, the state is in shambles. Florida needs regime change. Here are 24 reasons to vote the governor out of office on Nov. 5.

1. Jeb has turned the $3 billion surplus he inherited from Lawton Chiles into a deficit of between $1.4 billion and $4 billion.

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Report Jabs At Bush's Mantra (Tampa Bay Online)
TALLAHASSEE - An obscure report from a forgotten task force is causing headaches for Gov. Jeb Bush as Democrats accuse him of hiding an unfavorable report card on the state's education system.
- Oct 16 12:53 PM ET

Bush Tries to Help Brother Jeb's Campaign (Reuters)
President Bush on Thursday came to the aid of his brother Jeb's suddenly embattled campaign for re-election as governor of Florida, a state where Democrats yearn for revenge after the disputed 2000 presidential election.
- Oct 17 6:26 PM ET