September 3-6,  2004   Labor Day Weekend Edition


Kerry-Edwards: Bush Policy Proposals: All Hat, No Cattle
U.S. Newswire (press release), 9-3-04
... REALITY: George Bush has no specific plan ... which would have to be 26 percent (to replace just the income tax) or 60 percent (to replace the all Federal taxes ...


Swift Boat Vets edited its website to conceal contradiction
Media Matters for America, Washington --
Three days after Media Matters for America first reported that the website of anti-Kerry group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth contradicted the account of the ...
Former President Bill Clinton to Undergo Heart Bypass Surgery
Voice of America, Washington --
Former President Bill Clinton has checked into a New York City Hospital after complaining of chest pains, and is expected to undergo heart surgery soon. ...

Bush = All Hat No Cattle.  Kerry = All Hat All Medals.

"The Republicans really went after John Kerry last night, they were on the attack, in fact Kerry took so many shots, today he got two more purple hearts." -- Jay Leno

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Dave Casey


The Large Editor -




 Dark week hopefully at an end


By the time the next weekend edition of All Hat No Cattle goes online Friday, it should be clear to the nation – and the world – if Bill Clinton is going to make it.

He should have had his heart surgery by then, and the former president and international statesman will be recovering or floundering. That's assuming that he makes it until then, and millions will pray that he does.

The news of Clinton entering the hospital just hit, and it comes like a kick in the groin to top off a weeklong mugging.

The Cirque du Republicans spent most of four days alternately sliming their opponents and expressing disapproval of dirty politics.

They unleashed snarling, Democrat-in-name-only Zell Miller and teeth-gritting Vice President Dick Cheney, who spoke about qualities for wartime leadership while studiously avoiding any mention of his Vietnam years spent safely stateside under a series of draft deferments. 

The Republicans also trotted out a man I once admired and could have voted for – John McCain - to publicly cement his alliance with the Bush dynasty and the neo-cons in order to secure his own future as a 2008 presidential candidate. It was as disturbing a sell-out as I’ve ever witnessed.

In addition to the nauseating political display, Hurricane Frances is bearing down on All Hat No Cattle’s home state of Florida only three weeks after Hurricane Charley blew a good piece of the state off the map and soaked much of the rest. All in all, a very dark week.

By next weekend, hopefully, the picture will have improved.

John Kerry already is on the stump in Ohio and elsewhere, slamming back at the Republican slander of his military service record and gross misrepresentation of his anti-war statements following his return from Vietnam.

More importantly, he and other Democratic leaders continue trying to refocus the campaign debate on the current dismal state of the nation and its hopes for the future rather than war rhetoric over conflicts past and present.

Many voters, unfortunately, must be reminded loudly and often that our national security depends on economic health, diplomatic skill and many other factors besides a will to win.

Some voters also must be reminded that attempts to bolster national security sometimes can infringe on the freedoms for which hundreds of thousands of previous patriots have died. Like the ad says, it’s not unpatriotic to question parts of the Patriot Act.

And some voters must be shown again and again the numbers reflecting the increase in poverty, the decline in health insurance coverage, the loss of jobs and the general shrinkage of the middle class in order to convince them that it’s time for a change at the top.

Maybe the coming week will bring better news.

Maybe voters will be examining facts again instead of subterfuge.

Maybe Hurricane Frances will have done its worst in Florida and begun dissipating.

And maybe Bill Clinton will be recovering splendidly and planning to hit the campaign trail for Kerry before Nov. 2.


 "On September 11, we had a president who didn't wring his hands and wonder what America had done wrong to deserve this attack." -- Governor George Pataki said of George W. Bush


Gov. Pataki, you're right. Bush didn't wring his hands; he sat on them for almost ten minutes after learning America was under attack.

 Disturbing News

 "Speaking about the president, Zell Miller said, 'I have knocked on the door of this man's soul and found someone home.' See, first he tried to knock on the soul of Dick Cheney but that had already been sold to the oil companies." -- Jay Leno

The 10 Funniest Ads of Campaign 2004

Republican Shenanigans

"Whoever approved this, I'm going to put on a slow boat to China." -- Karl Rove, on the Bush twins' convention speech, which reportedly was written by Karen Hughes

Good News

"In the war on terrorism, Osama bin Laden's cook and chauffeur have been captured. You get the feeling this is not the big victory Republicans were hoping for. More good news. It seems we're now closing in on bin Laden's pool boy and Pilates instructor." -- Jay Leno

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"There was an amazing lack of sophistication. People asked for autographs -- thinking I was Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Don King. I didn't care. I signed them."  -- Rep. CHARLIE RANGEL, a Democrat, telling the New York Daily News about the reception he got at the Republican National Convention.

Bush-Prison-Torture News


"They have attacked my patriotism and my fitness to serve as commander in chief. ... I'm not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and by those who have misled the nation into Iraq." -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who was campaigning in Springfield, Ohio on Thursday night

Haiku written in "honor" of the GOP Convention:

Paige tells Convention
No Child Left Behind is great.
Paige leaves truth behind.

Arnold says Dems are:
"Economic girlie men."
Botoxified brain?

Dubya's twin daughters:
Ditzy, vapid, clueless, dim.
Chips off the cleared brush.

Lots more haiku are here:

Standing In the rubble of the aftermath of 9-11. Anne Telnaes Cartoon

Graphic By Oz

Go-F*** -Yourself News

“Kerry needs to trust that his victory is only going to happen by inspiring the natural base of the Democratic Party — blacks, working people, women, the poor and young people. Women and people of color make up 62% of this country. That's a big majority. Give them a reason to come out on Nov. 2.” – Michael Moore 

Kerry/Edwards News

Graphic By Pat Gerber

Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards  

By Graydon Carter, The Telegraph, UK -- Sept. 3, 2004

1 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security issued between 20 January 2001 and 10 September 2001 that mentioned al-Qaeda.

104 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defense in the same period that mentioned Iraq or Saddam Hussein.

101 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defense in the same period that mentioned missile defense.

65 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defense in the same period that mentioned weapons of mass destruction.

0 Number of times Bush mentioned Osama bin Laden in his three State of the Union addresses ...



John Kerry and John Edwards were in town last night for a Midnight rally.  Springfield is a city of about 65,000, and nearly 15,000 people showed up for the event.  It was fantastic !!  I had to e-mail you about something Kerry said last night.  Kerry said, "There are four words that describe President Bush...all hat no cattle."  Keep up the good work, and I hope that you and the large editor have a great Labor Day weekend. 

Matt Mahoney 
Springfield, Ohio

Thanks Matt!

I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend, too.

Odd News

You might be a right wing Republican if... your heart soars whenever you hear W say "liberty," but you just
hate everything "liberals" do (and you don't see the irony of this).

An unexplained radio signal from deep space could -- just might be -- contact from an alien civilization, New Scientist magazine reported on Sept. 2, 2004. The signal, coming from a point between the Pisces and Aries constellations, has been picked up three times by the massive Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. New Scientist said the signal could be generated by a previously unknown astronomical phenomenon or even be a by-product from the telescope itself. But the mystery beam has excited astronomers across the world. The Arecibo observatory is seen in this 2002 satellite image. (Space Imaging)