September 29, 2003 Monday

Was it Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice or Dubya? Or all of them?

US agent leak under scrutiny
BBC News, UK - 9-29-03

The US Justice Department has been asked to look into whether members of the Bush administration broke the law and revealed the identity of an undercover intelligence agent....

...Under US law, exposing an undercover intelligence officer is an offence punishable by 10 years in jail.

Justice probing reported leak of CIA agent's name
CNN -9-29-03

...CNN's David Ensor reports that the leak could constitute a felony. Anyone with whom Valerie Plame, Wilson's wife, may have had dealings, Ensor says, "now knows they were dealing with the CIA. That hurts American national security."

"The leaking of the name of a CIA [operative] is a dastardly act," said Sen. Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, in an interview with Bill Hemmer on CNN's "American Morning" on Monday.

White House loose lips irk CIA
Tacoma News Tribune, WA -9-29-03

WASHINGTON  - Authorities are looking into allegations that White House officials revealed the identity of a CIA operative, in possible violation of the law.

The naming of the intelligence officer's identity by syndicated columnist Robert Novak came shortly after her husband had undermined President Bush's claim that Iraq had tried to buy uranium in Africa.

Robert Novak, conservative columnist, is the one who first leaked this information about Joseph Wilson's wife being a CIA agent.    Five other reporters were given the same leaked info and did not report it.  I wonder who will turn in the White House leaker?  If any? Can Novak be prosecuted for outing a CIA agent?

Someone at the White House has a lot of  'splaining to do.

We can't find the weapons of mass destruction or dignity and honor in the White House.

Zelda Morgan






Traitor Race



"I may not be Mrs. Dorothy Parker, but I did stay at the Algonquin Inn Express last night." - Anita Beer, who wrote one column "Just Shut Up, Bill O'Reilly"; and has now given herself the title of best-selling author.




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Investing in irony
St. Petersburg Times, FL - Sep 26, 2003

With a chunk of its employee pension fund, Florida is about to buy the nation's most financially imperiled private education management company.

Edison Schools Inc., the private education management company founded by Chris Whittle, has taken a beating in the financial markets. Its stock, selling for as much as $36.75 a share in 2001, dropped to 15 cents last year. Its very survival depends on a white knight to take it private, some riverboat gambler willing to bet on what seems certain to be a losing hand.

Enter the state of Florida, and its $92-billion employee pension fund. Liberty Partners, a New York investment firm that manages a $1.8-billion chunk euphemistically called "alternative investments," is planning to take a $174-million flier on Edison. Liberty would buy a 96.3 percent share of Edison, giving Florida the distinction of being essentially the sole owner of the nation's largest and perhaps most financially imperiled school management business.

Pardon the sarcasm, but was there no Enron stock left to buy?...

Florida's state pension fund has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to Jeb's buddies buying Enron stock while it was diving downwards.  Will someone throw me a life preserver, I'm drowning down here in Florida.

"So, congratulations to Florida. You're no longer our most damning national embarrassment. Perhaps you can have a wet t-shirt contest to celebrate."

óJon Stewart, on the California recall debate


Kashmir now has a new breed of mercenary journalists and sound-bite soldiers. Invariably, it's not the facts but the speed that counts.

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Zelda Morgan's Email Bag:


"What could cause rectangular ridges on Mars? These structures pose puzzles that planetary geologists are eager to solve.."
Why, they must be Saddam's WMD. What other explanation is there? After burying those planes in the desert sands, he shipped the rest to Mars.
P.S. did you catch the clip of Bush spitting on the White House lawn the other night on Letterman?


Dear MC,

Thanx for writing. Great theory. Of course, he hid them on Mars!
No, I missed David Letterman, sadly. Bush spits on us everyday.

Create Peace!





Medea Benjamin??? Would that be the Green Party Medea Benjamin??
Well, now, there is someone to emulate...


Dear Marsha,

Thank you for writing. I am so glad you enjoyed my column.
It speaks volumes, you would point out Medea Benjamin, who is very brave, from my column and ignore Ellen Mariani, the September 11th widow, another brave woman.
The Grand Old Phascists' lack of sympathy while exploiting the pain of the 911 victims is repulsive and despicable. The GOPigs will pay dearly for this. We will never forget the victims and how they were mistreated and exploited by this evil, fascist regime.
On Medea Benjamin getting arrested for civil disobedience. You missed the entire point of the column. Perhaps I can clear it up for you. I hope they have to come and get me too. If I can save one soldier from being killed or maimed for life, I would gladly wear green and purple or plaid with stripes or paisley sneakers and I would take off my clothes and dance naked in the public square to get our troops home safe and sound.

Create Peace!
Zelda M



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He fought for the truth then and has been fighting for it ever since. He co-wrote the bestseller, "The Hunting of the President", the Bible of Truth about the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy against the Clintons with Gene Lyons. And he has now written a sharp and thoroughly researched tome "Big Lies..The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth"...

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