September 26,  2003


Iraq costs raise GOP worries
MSNBC - 9-26-03

Sept. 26 — A new curriculum for training an Iraqi army for $164 million. Five hundred experts, at $200,000 each, to investigate crimes against humanity. A witness protection program for $200,000 per Iraqi participant. A computer study for the Iraqi postal service: $54 million...

Cracks appear in America's conservative consensus
Financial Times (subscription), UK - Sep 22, 2003
... United States defence secretary they had hailed as the architect of military victory
in Iraq - has set chat-shows buzzing and delighted opponents of the Bush ...
Bush and UN `Credibility'
The Ledger, Florida - 9-26-03
... the Pentagon is talking about activating still more reservists to fill in the cracks ... nervous about the tens of billions of additional US tax dollars that Bush ...

Bush's cracks are finally appearing.

Anita Beer

AllHatNoCattle Mercenary Journalist


Just Shut Up,


Bill O'Reilly



"Oh, thank you for calling. I have been looking forward to your call. May I interest you in a sculpture or portrait of your family member or home or your favorite pet? You can send me a photograph and a check for five hundred dollars and I will be happy to mail you an original piece of artwork. So what will it be, pal, the sculpture or the painting? And when would you like delivery? If you are not interested in art right now; I have a sofa, in pretty good shape, in my garage. I would like to get rid of it and I could let you have it for fifty bucks." - Zelda Morgan who looks forward to every telephone solicitor's phone call as a golden opportunity to self-promote and/or clean out the garage. From Zelda's handbook, Zen, and the Art of Getting By in the Project for the New American Century, a Practical Guide to Fascist Oppression.

Editor's Note: The following is a guest column by Anita Beer who is filling in for Zelda Morgan in her absence. Today is "Talk Like Bill O'Reilly Day." September 26, 2003. So talk like Bill O'Reilly or just shut up.


"Bush's approval rating has fallen to its lowest levels ever. Let me tell you, it's going to be hard on President Bush if he is a one-term president. His father was a one-term president, but at least his father got elected once." —Jay Leno

 Total Recall

Schwarzenegger’s business scams

by Paul Brennan

...During his 1981 appearance, Arnold explained to Johnny how his bricklaying business worked. Franco and Arnold would call on a homeowner. Arnold, always good with the public, would keep the homeowner busy, discussing prices and such. "In the meantime," Arnold recounted, "Franco climbed up on the roof to check the chimney—and he, of course, is a very strong guy and a [weight] lifter—he pushed all the chimneys over so they fall down. So these people come and say, ‘Oh, thank you so much for helping us. This could have fallen on somebody’s head, you know. Thank you for doing it for us.’"

Johnny was impressed. "What a racket," he told the immigrant with a dream in his eye. "You go and push chimneys down and then rebuild them."

"Exactly," Arnold replied.

A videotape of this interview is available in the Tonight Show archives at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly here for entire article

The Republicans impeached Clinton for having an affair,  and now they are endorsing Ahhnold,  the sexed up muscleman who would knock over chimneys in order to cheat his customers.  Yep, same old GOP, just chock full of honor and dignity.

Government issues recall for all Segway scooters
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 9-26-03
WASHINGTON -- The maker of the Segway Human Transporter has agreed to recall the motorized scooters because riders have been injured falling off when its ...

"If I'm a bad governor for taking California's surplus to a deficit, then Bush is a bad president for taking America's biggest surplus to the biggest deficit in history." -- Gray Davis

Politically Incowrecked

"President Bush spoke at the United Nations saying that right now it is more important than ever that the countries of the world be united. Which they are united — against us." —Jay Leno

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Caption under photograph reads : 'Head of a baseball club and director of Salem bin Laden's oil company (brother of Osama). Designated President of the United States by friends of his father at the Supreme Court before the vote count showed that he lost the elections'.


You should be aware that there is a bill, HR 2239, in the House to create a "voter-verified paper trail" of our vote by 2004. Representative Kucinich is one of 40 current cosponsors.

Eric Angell
Assistant to the IL Coordinator, Dennis Kucinich for President

Thanks for writing Eric.

Read what a New Zealand columnist thinks of our American voting process

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Politicians bend the truth

With their public relations lies

Corporations play dirty pool

The way they advertise

They say what they please...

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What could cause rectangular ridges on Mars?  These structures pose puzzles that planetary geologists are eager to solve, as they might provide clues to past processes that have shaped Mars over billions of years. On the right of the above image is an unusual array of ridges first spotted in Mariner 9 data in 1972. A ridge wall runs for about 5 kilometers. Two competing progenitor theories include hardened sand dunes and once-molten rock that seeped through surface cracks and cooled. Dubbed "Inca City" for their resemblance to stone walls of an ancient Earth civilization, the  Mars Global Surveyor images now show them to be part of a larger circular pattern, indicating an origin possibly related to the impact crater. (NASA)