September 25,  2003  Thursday


Bush Makes Little Headway in Iraq Plans
ABC News - 9-25-03

A resolute speech and two days of personal diplomacy by President Bush are failing to soften resistance to his postwar strategy for Iraq, and a U.S. resolution designed to bring fresh peacekeeping troops and financial support remains stalemated.
Resistance from other nations is so stiff that Bush did not solicit contributions from the leaders of France, Germany, India and Pakistan and none were volunteered. Secretary of State Colin Powell discussed the possibility of Turkish peacekeepers with Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul without getting a clear commitment...


Not Very United Nations
New London Day, CT - 9-25-03
... The dispute between Bush and Chirac over the United Nations' role in Iraq is a perfect example of possibilities squandered. Bush ...
       Leaders Continue Talks on Iraq at UN - ABC News
       Bush fails to move UN audience - eTaiwan News

Iraq Leader's Murder, Bombing Deepen US Woes
Reuters, UK - 9-25-03
... bomb attack in Baghdad since Monday, and comes ahead of a report expected to lay open President Bush to ... As Washington reaches out to the United Nations ...

France, Bush & Drunk Driving - Consortium News

I never believed that pretzel injury story.


Zelda Morgan




Women of Mass Demonstration



"A liberal is a former conservative whose beach house was not rebuilt by FEMA in a republican administration. A liberal is a former conservative whose college loans have just kicked in." - Anita Beer at the First Annual Mercenary Journalists Convention in Nashville, TN. Anita found her way to the podium with her elbows out. She blackmailed one of the committee members.






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The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Russian playing cards feature American politicians
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 9-25-03
... newspaper has come up with the latest spin-off of this idea with a deck of playing
cards featuring American politicians. They include President George W. Bush ...

Food for Thought Ahead of Bush-Putin Summit
Moscow Times, Russia -

... At their 45-minute mini-summit in St. Petersburg in early June, Putin and Bush
agreed to improve the channels for communication on key political issues. ...

       Bush, Putin face many issues at upcoming talks - CNN
       Toward the Bush-Putin summit - Washington Times
       The US & Russia - Washington Post

Berezovsky Scheming Anti-Putin Campaign?
Pravda, Russia -

The French will not be outdone by the Russians

Rumsfeld Is Ace of Spades in French Deck of Cards
Reuters, UK - 9-25-03
... As King of Diamonds -- the suit chosen to represent economic power in the U.S. administration -- Bush is described merely as "head of a baseball club... designated president of the United States by friends of his father at the Supreme Court."...


Ooo la la...

Dear Lisa,

Zelda asked me to write to you and tell you she won't be in today. She ran out of gas last night, on her way home from a casino. She didn't have any gas money so she started walking. She said she has about 25 miles to go, and she should be home tonight before the evening news.

I submitted the Peace March Proposal to the Comptroller Review Board and we are waiting for a reply.

Drink 'til he's cute!
Anita Beer

Dear Anita,

Poor Zelda. Her low AHNC pay caused her to try and increase her earnings through Being Bill Bennett in Biloxi.

Hopefully the Comptroller will reply soon.



"George loved to read to our girls and they would actually act it out. He would lie on the floor and read 'Hop on Pop' and they would jump up and down on him."

--First lady LAURA BUSH on ABC's "Good Morning America."

He said, C'mon man,

Take a trip with me,

Cross the Gulf of Mexico to see,

A country with no soldiers

-Costa Rica from Dan Tyler's new album I Hope

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Escape and enter a world of beautiful music and lyrics.

Clinton Publisher Seeks Recall of Chinese Edition
Washington Post, DC - 9-25-03
Hillary Clinton's publisher on Wednesday demanded the recall of ... book, where the Chinese
publisher deleted passages detailing Clinton's views on China ...

"This was a message to Washington: 'You can send a delegation to OPEC, but we control the oil price.'"
an energy consultant, on OPEC's decision to cut production.

Gee, didn't Dubya tell us when he was campaigning to be president, that he was an oilman and would know how to control oil prices?


Thanks Professor Ray

Error found by a viewer in the  9-24-03 Edition:

"The legislature's job is to write law. It's the executive branch's
job to
interpret law. "
George W. Bush, November 22, 2003

Is this a prediction?


Dear Euphorian,

Good catch. Thanks.  The year was supposed to be 2000.  I made the correction.





Our Milky Way galaxy (center/blue) is gobbling up its galactic neighbor, Sagittarius, (red trail, from left to right) and on September 24, 2003, scientists offered documentary proof of this continuing cosmic cannibalism. On its way to oblivion, the dwarf Sagittarius -- which is about 10,000 times the mass of the Milky Way -- is getting stretched, torn apart and ultimately eaten, scientists at the University of Virginia and the University of Massachusetts reported. (Handout)