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AP-GfK Poll: Dems disliked, but GOP just as bad

If anyone is as scorned as much as Democrats these days, it's Republicans — the very party that may recapture the House and perhaps the Senate...


US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech

President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traded accusations about their nations' nuclear programs, but both left the door open

Dems try to deflect voter anger toward Wall Street

 Patty Murray was stuck. Down in the polls for months and facing a well-known Republican challenger, the three-term Democrat was finding a difficult market for her hard-working-senator sales pitch. Then she started bashing Wall Street


"The premiere of 'Hawaii Five-0' was a great episode. The cops were looking around and they accidentally stumbled upon Obama’s birth certificate." –David Letterman



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Truthiness Rules


Comedian Stephen Colbert commandeered a hearing on migrant farm workers with lewd one-liners Friday morning, creating a public relations pile-up at the tail end of a legislative session that is limping into a pre-election recess.

It was lost on no one that the Comedy Central faux news anchor delivered his off-color rant against the backdrop of the House canceling floor votes for the rest of this week as Democratic leaders struggle to reach consensus on how to move a simple stopgap spending bill that will prevent the government from shutting down on Oct. 1.

"I would like to submit a video of my colonoscopy into the Congressional Record,"





Disturbing News

Obama Artist


The artist whose poster of Barack Obama became a rallying image during the hope-and-change election of 2008 says he understands why so many people have lost faith.





Republican-Shenanigans News


Royal Cheapskate


A government fund intended to provide subsidized heating to low-income Britons got some interest from an unexpected source: Queen Elizabeth II, who wanted help paying the bills at Buckingham Palace.





"As you know, Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell has come out against masturbation. Well, she is already paying a heavy price for taking this stance. In fact, today, the powerful hand lotion lobby has endorsed her opponent." –Jay Leno


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"Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is taking criticism because she once said she dabbled in witchcraft. Yeah, everyone is talking about this. O'Donnell was like, 'If one more person claims I'm a witch, I will take legal action against them and their little dog, too!'" –Jimmy Fallon



Rock-The-Voter News


"This is going to be exciting. We haven't had a witch in Washington since, oh, Condoleezza Rice, I think." –David Letterman

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Biz-Tech News

Full Moons and Beer


 Full moons are often associated with tides, insanity and creatures like werewolves, but it turns out they're also good for brewing beer.

In Peruwelz, a small, sleepy town in southern Belgium, a family-owned brewery has produced its first batch of specialist beer brewed by the light of a full autumnal moon.




GOP Pledge To America: We’ll Treat YOU as ‘Pledges’

By Don Davis


Bush-Prison-Torture News


Go-F**k-Yourself News


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A gold-plated casket, priced at 388,000 ringgit ($125,000), is on display at the Nirvana Memorial Centre in Kuala Lumpur September 22, 2010. Demand for luxury funerals is booming in Southeast Asia, driven by the rising ranks of the wealthy in the region. Photo/Bazuki Muhammad




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