September 24,  2003 Wednesday




Countries unconvinced by Bush's UN speech
Marin Independent-Journal, CA -9-24-03

UNITED NATIONS - President Bush's exhortation that "all nations of good will" should support the reconstruction and political transformation of Iraq met yesterday with a largely skeptical response, laced ...

       Bush returns to the UN - Middletown Times Herald Record  

       Bush's no-apologies speech convinces few - San Francisco Chronicle

Bush to World: Drop Dead!
The president lays an egg at the U.N.
By Fred Kaplan
Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 2:23 PM PT

Has an American president ever delivered such a bafflingly impertinent speech before the General Assembly as the one George W. Bush gave this morning?

Here were the world's foreign ministers and heads of state, anxiously awaiting some sign of an American concession to realism—even the sketchiest outline of a plan to share not just the burden but the power of postwar occupation in Iraq. And Bush gave them nothing, in some ways less than nothing..

Annan Slams Iraqi Invasion
This Day, Nigeria - 7 hours ago

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has warned President George W Bush of United States that his doctrine of pre-emptive military intervention posed a fundamental challenge to the world as it could lead to the law of the jungle whereby use of force will be a convention

In a speech delivered in English and French shortly before Bush addressed the UN General Assembly yesterday, Annan took an unusually blunt swipe at the world's only superpower, delivering his strongest criticism to date on the doctrine of preventive war. ..


What a surprise the United Nations was unconvinced by the Connecticut Cowboy of Compassionate Conservatives.


Zelda Morgan




Women of Mass






"A liberal is a former conservative whose beach house was not rebuilt by FEMA in a republican administration. A liberal is a former conservative whose college loans have just kicked in." - Anita Beer at the First Annual Mercenary Journalists Convention in Nashville, TN. Anita found her way to the podium with her elbows out. She blackmailed one of the committee members.






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Is there medication to help Bush control his facial expressions?

"Now see, a lot of critics are saying Arnold can't get elected because he's just an ambitious guy with a famous name, who doesn't know anything about running the government. Didn't hurt George Bush." —Jay Leno






"The legislature's job is to write law.  It's the executive branch's job to interpret law. "

George W. Bush, November 22, 2000








Hmmm, look what's happening in Jeb's Florida.

Big Sugar wins bid to oust judge from case - Miami Herald

Privacy advocates fear 'Matrix' database
Chicago Sun Times, IL -9-24-03
...The database project, created so states and local authorities can track would-be terrorists as well as criminal fugitives, is being built and housed in the offices of a private company but will be open to some federal law enforcers and perhaps even U.S. intelligence agencies.

Dubbed "Matrix," the database has been in use for 18 months in Florida, where police praise the crime-fighting tool as exhaustive. It cross-references the state's driving records and restricted police files with billions of pieces of public and private data, including credit and property records....
       Extensive anti-terror database takes shape - Fort Worth Star Telegram
       States' data project ignites privacy fears - Atlanta Journal Constitution
       Database project conceived by millionaire described as former smuggler...  - Detroit News

Miami's top cop seeks to declaw demonstrators during trade talks
Miami Herald, FL - Sep 11, 2003
... But the proposal has drawn the ire of civil rights ... protests that he has seen in other
cities, protesters ... 'Based on information obtained by the city of Miami ...

Bush won't block Rebel-flag tag effort
Orlando Sentinel, FL - Sep 18, 2003
... Jeb Bush said Thursday that he would not buy a Confederate ... We did it for the right
reason," Bush ... out of sight, Florida has avoided much of the controversy ...


The scariest of the above stories to me is that governmental data base of private citizens being stored in a private institution, that was conceived by an admitted smuggler.  I'd bet in a heartbeat he is a friend of Ollie North.

This database already contains any governmental transaction, including financial records, of every Florida citizen.

Anyone want to buy my house in Florida?

Sent in by William Sterner


Dear Lisa,
I know you are very busy and don't have time to do this. Maybe you could suggest this idea to that lazy slut Anita Beers. Here goes. Somehow Tom Jefferson, Tom Paine, Sam Adams and his brother John, Ben Franklin, George Washington and all the revolutionary fathers of this country are transported through time to the present day. (I don't know how...worm hole, tear in the space-time continuum, star ship Enterprise, it's science fiction so have her make it up). What would they be impelled to do if they were here now? "What Would Jefferson Do?". Hummmmm, good title for a short story. The writer of such a story just might find them self arrested under the Patriot Act and in a cell in Guantanamo. Ironic, huh? Write about patriots and be arrested under the Patriot Act. We live in strange times indeed. Anyway, I'm guessing that the original patriots wouldn't stand for this nonsense. Just a hunch. Anita is free to take this idea and run with it. I see a movie deal, if they don't lock her up.
Phil Schultz
PS. Could you run that photo of the surfing dolphins again? I think I saw one smiling in it.

Dear Philip,

I want to go surfing with the dolphins!

I would love to know what Jefferson would do.  Excellent suggestion-I forwarded your email to Anita but I doubt she will answer you.  Oddly enough Anita sent me an email, see below.

Dear Lisa,

Zelda is in a heap in the corner. I kicked her ass yesterday. She wrote that whole column and I got all the email for my quote. Nearly every subject line mentioned the 12 inch oval.

"Maybe us menfolk can't hit that 12" hole, but we sure as hell kin write our names in the snow!"

"Here's something to support your kitten in the dark joke. Not only funny but true. Hope you enjoy it. jj"

"You might tell the perpetrator to lift the freakin seat!"

"Dear Anita, Leave a bowl of Cheerios in the bathroom. They drop a few in and aim better."

"And Anita, you had to write about missing a 12" hole today.....No more Billy Idol fer you girl! "

"I may be partial to Anita because we share the same first name. I am glad she is back." Ms. Goodman.

"Glad to see Anita back. Zelda was boring without her."

"Fire Zelda and keep Anita."

Lisa, this is just a small sampling of the fabulous mail I received. So, do I get that raise now?

Anita Beer

Dear Anita,

Darlin' you give great quotes.  But Zelda gives you the audience. You just got a raise, remember? Sheesh.  Maybe you should take Philips advice. I'll pay you extra if you write a column.

Prison guard surrenders after four-hour standoff

Derek Pivnick

A state prison guard is in the Santa Rosa County Jail without bond after shooting at sheriff's deputies during a standoff early Monday morning.
Keith Allen Cherry, 34, of the 6000 block of East Milton Road, was charged with 10 felony counts and two misdemeanors as a result of the four-hour-long incident in which he fired at deputies, striking a patrol car and an adjacent...
Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I worked with this officer at the state prison in Milton. If he ends up serving time at that same prison he won't be warmly welcomed by the inmates.

My laptop the dog ate is now held together by duct tape (I am so glad I took Homeland Security's advice).  So I am still behind on many tasks.  Please be patient.  Things will soon be back to normal--whatever that is!




This NASA (news - web sites) artist's concept shows the Galileo spacecraft flying by Jupiter's volcanic moon Io (L) and the gigantic planet (NASA)